Osman Müftüoğlu: We are at a difficult and critical corner of the pandemic process

Hürriyet Newspaper writer Prof. Dr. Osman Müftüoğlu wrote in his corner what needs to be done during and after the full closure period.

We are on the 7th day of the full closure process, which started as of April 29 and will continue until May 17 in Turkey. Carrying the process we are in, Prof. Dr. Osman Müftüoğlu, in his article titled ‘Being Generous in Envy in Criticism’, gave place to what needs to be done during and after the complete closure in Turkey. Here is that article…

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We are at a difficult and critical corner of the pandemic process. We have entered a kind of ‘limited closure period’. We have to make good use of this period, to comply with the restrictions not ‘as much as we can’, but ‘more than’.

Because if the numbers we will reach after the restriction remain above expectations, it is clear that there is a possibility of serious social trauma. For this reason, it is the first and most important task that we must do at the moment, to postpone the mistakes made, the faults committed, the shortcomings and the calculations to be made, and to produce new and effective solutions by limiting the criticisms. In short, time is a ‘troubled time’, as the late 9th President Süleyman Demirel has often repeated. And in times like these, ‘To be jealous in criticism, generous in praise and solution’ is the right approach.



It seems that despite all the mistakes we’ve made, we will more or less smile at the end of the closing process. But let’s know that this serious shutdown will not bring a permanent solution to the problem. One of the important things that needs to be done is to plan the post-closure, open it up for discussion, make it public, or rather to reach a social consensus on how the ‘gradual opening’ process will be implemented. If we repeat the mistakes we made before after this closure and open our doors to the end and uncontrollably, let’s not forget that a new wave may be inevitable after a few months.

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Inadequate and poor quality sleep is the biggest enemy of health. One of the most dangerous health problems caused by insomnia is the “cancer scourge”. In many studies, it has been clearly and clearly shown that insufficient and poor quality sleep can be the trigger of many cancers, especially prostate, breast and large intestine cancers. It was finally realized, albeit a little late, that the secret trigger of the relationship between insomnia and cancer was the “sympathetic nervous system”. So who is it, what is it, what is this sympathetic nervous system?

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Although the word “sympathetic” is used in the sympathetic nervous system and therefore evokes pleasant connotations, it is a nervous system structure that can be problematic. When the power and dose of the system increases, it can become a troublesome health enemy over time. For example, when the activities of the sympathetic nervous system intensify, our immune system begins to produce “inflammation / inflammation”.

Unfortunately, the day is dawning for cancer cells when inflammation / inflammation processes increase (!) The proliferation of those troublesome cells accelerates, and the possibilities of their spread, that is, metastasis, are maximized. That’s why a good night’s sleep and keeping the sympathetic nervous system calm is a very, very important health detail.’

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