Osman Müftüoğlu answered those questions: Are the vaccineists or the turmeric people right?

Vaccine opponents claimed that alternative medicine is more effective against the virus and made statements that turmeric prevents the virus. On the other hand, the protection of the vaccine has become more certain day by day. However, Osman Müftüoğlu brought this discussion to his corner by bringing the two medicine to one ancestor.

Turmeric is in the group of the most beneficial foods scientifically proven. Turmeric, which strengthens immunity, is especially recommended for the treatment of diseases before or afterward. Turmeric, which can even be added to meals, has been made one after another by experts against the claims of “prevents the coronavirus” that have been made in recent days. Especially after this situation initiated by the anti-vaccine, Prof. Dr. Osman Müftüoğlu made a detailed statement. Müftüoğlu, who clarified the discussion in which Ahmet Hakan was included, briefly suggested in his column that both vaccination should be done and healthy foods such as turmeric that strengthen immunity should be consumed. Here is Müftüoğlu’s article this week;

“AHMET Hakan, in the words of the late S. Demirel, “He caught the issue as if he was catching it by the knuckle forelock!”, he asks clearly and unequivocally: ” WILL TURMERIC OR GLOBALISTS WIN THE VACCINE WAR?”

Right! This is an important debate that is intensely experienced not only by the public but also by the medical community. “Those who are pro-vaccine ‘opponents of the vaccine’ TURMERIC he labels it. Opponents of vaccines, on the other hand, see vaccine supporters as the henchmen of global capital that acts as an intermediary for pharmaceutical companies. GLOBALISTS’So, who will win this match? Turmeric or globalists right? Is there a common solution? There is!


The following information is certain: We are worried about our health, we are in a loss of confidence. We think that what we eat and drink is not healthy. We worry that health is commercialized, that hospitals and doctors take the economics of business into account when dealing with us. More importantly, we think that our medicines as well as our breads are not safe enough, and we look for “drug-free and natural solutions” to our health problems. These concerns lead us to nature, natural and traditional solutions. As a result, we start to listen to herbal products instead of medicines, traditional recommendations instead of modern treatments, alternative medicine charlatans instead of doctors, pharmacists and other health professionals. This is partly why we have been relying more on leech treatments, cupping practices, and bottle pulling lately. So what’s the point? Is there no middle ground in the solution? “Isn’t it possible to benefit from both ‘global’ and ‘local’, that is, modern/scientific medicine and traditional and natural health solutions at the same time?”Possible!

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Integrative medicine approach is a new health approach in which modern medicine, traditional and natural medicine work together and intertwined, medicine is applied as an art as it used to be, and traditional and complementary medicine treatments are also used in support of contemporary medicine treatments. It seeks integration not only in combining modern and traditional medicine, but also in other common approaches. You will find 3 important rules and 3 essential essentials in that quest in boxes one, two and three.



The biggest mistake of modern medicine is that it separates body and soul from each other. “SPIRIT OF THE SPIRIT” is. Integrative medicine approach never separates body and soul, it thinks together. He knows well that the way to keep the body strong and bring peace and happiness to the soul is not only focusing on the body or the soul, but also keeping these two together in a perfect relationship. According to the ‘HOLISTIC/INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE APPROACH’, “If your mental health is not strong, your body, if your physical health is problematic, your soul is in constant complaint and can never stay healthy”.


INTEGRATIVE The health approach targets a holistic approach not only for “cells”, but also for “tissue, organs and systems” consisting of those cells. For example, he thinks that if a microscopic area in the pituitary gland in the brain is deactivated, the thyroid and adrenal glands, as well as the cardiovascular system, blood pressure and sugar settings may be affected, and seeks solutions to problems. Thinking that kidney failure can lead to bone fractures, liver failure to stomach bleeding, pancreatic failure to diabetes, diabetes to heart-brain attacks, blindness-dementia, it makes prevention, diagnosis and treatment plans accordingly.


INTEGRATIVE medicine is a global and modern thinker and is closely tied to scientific medicine. But he also knows very well how to act locally, traditionally and naturally, and to benefit from the thousands of years of experience of ancient medicine. While seeking solutions to health problems, it does not seek solutions only in new technologies, leaving aside thousands of years of traditional medical approaches and experiences. It never approaches health problems that can be prevented or treated with successful solutions achieved by modern medicine, thanks to scientific data, new technologies and products, by “hoping for help from grass and garbage”. For example, when the problem is COVID-19 infection, of course, he also uses turmeric to strengthen immunity, but he never says “No” to the vaccine.


1- It regulates immunity.
2- It prevents rusting.
3- It brakes inflammation.
4- Files cancer.
5- Says “Stop” to plaque formation.
6- Adds strength to the liver.
7- Supports DNA repair.
8- It gives power to memory.
9- Protects the microbiome.
10- It is vascular friendly.

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IF If we are looking for deep-rooted, effective and permanent solutions to health problems, we have to think and be both “local/natural/traditional” and “global/modern/scientific”. We will definitely make use of medicines and vaccines when necessary. But we will not miss the natural and traditional healing elements such as nutrition, exercise, sleep, peace, happiness, faith, spirituality, morale and social solidarity. This is the summary of the holistic/integrative health approach.”

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