Olive leaves, which have a great effect on human health!

One of the greatest riches of our country is that it has 4 seasons, so various nutritional values ​​can be grown. The most important of these are olive trees. Olive, which has many benefits for human health from its leaves to its fruit, has been used in alternative medicine for centuries.

Bursa Gastronomy and Tourism Association President Ramazan Başan carried olive leaves to this week’s column. Reminding that Turkey is one of the most important countries in the world in terms of olive cultivation, Başan stated that the most delicious olives in our country are also grown in Bursa. He wrote about the journey of olive leaves, which meet the unsaturated fats that the body needs by rapidly renewing the cells, with these words:

“Living on such a valuable treasure is a source of pride for us, the people of Bursa. I will introduce you to a business person who introduced this precious treasure to the world. These city ambassadors, brand ambassadors, are promoting Bursa at the same time as they are promoting olives and olive oil. One of them is İlhan. İlhan Sarı, a businessman from Bursa, who exports yarn to many countries of the world with Fistaş İplik in Bursa, became one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fancy yarn, served as the chairman of the Demirtaş Organized Chamber of Accounts for a while, now has 3, He has made a name for himself by establishing the ‘world’s largest organic olive farm’ with more than 200 thousand olive trees on a 5 million square meter land. I’m talking about an area the size of about 7,000 football fields, so you can imagine. Let me give you a little information about olive oil so you can understand the quality of the olive oil it produces. .

– Harvested healthy fruit should be delivered to the factory immediately without being kept under the sun and normally processed within 24 hours. Olives that come to the factory should be stored in crates in a covered environment so that they are not exposed to the sun and rain.

-The olive fruit contains the core, the fleshy part of the olive, and the olive oil and olive juice in it. As soon as the olive fruit is freshly plucked from the branch, the olive oil and olive juice in the fleshy part of the olive begin to react.

As the minutes and hours progress, the acidity of olive oil begins to rise and the minerals and vitamins in the oil that are beneficial for human health begin to decrease and deteriorate. Let me give an example of this; During the Roman Empire, the Romans used olive oil, which was pressed too late, instead of throwing it away, but instead of throwing it away, they used it as a lamp oil lamp in the night lighting of the city of Rome.

– By separating the olive oil from the olive juice as soon as possible, the minerals and vitamins that are beneficial for human health are kept at the maximum level without spoiling.

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