Nerve compression causes the reason to do one-way jobs all the time!

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The increasing importance of computers and smart phones in our lives has led us to use technological devices more. Nerve compression is the result of excessive compression of bone and muscle tendons. Nerve compression, which usually occurs in areas such as the neck, waist, shoulder and wrist, affects life negatively. All the information you are wondering about nerve compression is in our news!

What causes nerve compression?

nerves; It occurs due to the tissues that put excessive pressure on the nerves. It can also occur due to reasons such as carpal tunnel syndrome, slipped disc and herniated disc. Trauma and injuries are also factors. In some cases, applying pressure to the nerves can cause inflammation. The short-term ones aren’t particularly harmful. The ones that last long are; can lead to serious consequences.

Symptoms of nerve compression

Loss of sensation and numbness in the congested area
having tingling
having a stinging sensation
Weakness and twitching in the muscles
Difficulty moving hands and feet

Factors that increase the risk of nerve compression

Posture disorders (Posture)

Posture disorders are also one of the causes of nerve compression. It can affect the nerves by causing pressure on the nerves and spine.

genetic factors

Nerve compression can be passed from family to person due to genetic predisposition.

carpal tunnel syndrome

It is a disease that causes nerve compression and is more common in women. This poses a gender risk. In other words, women are in the higher risk group.

rheumatoid arthritis

Since rheumatoid arthritis is an inflammatory disease, it has a triggering effect on nerve compression.

keep the same movement

It carries a risk of nerve compression. Constant one-way jobs cause this.


Obesity causes excess weight to put pressure on nerves. The pressure created by the weight allows the nerves to be destroyed, causing the muscles and bones to cause this.


During pregnancy, due to excessive weight gain and edema retention, it creates weight that causes pressure on bones and muscles and triggers nerve compression.

Nerve compression treatment

Treatment of a pinched nerve is related to its location and cause. Resting the affected area is very effective, especially in the case of injuries from repetitive activities. Physical therapy is often helpful when a pinched nerve is caused by neck or lower back problems.

Exercises strengthen muscles and prevent compression.

Exercises can strengthen the back or middle muscles and reduce or eliminate pressure on a nerve root. Anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen and naproxen may be helpful. Weight loss can benefit many types of pinched nerves. Surgery may be necessary to release pressure on the nerve when it doesn’t respond to medication, splints, physical therapy, or injection. The specific type of surgery depends on the nerve involved. However, the purpose of the surgery is the same to remove or relieve the pressure on the affected nerve.

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