Negative thinking complicates menopause

The mood during menopause, which is one of the most important stages of life for women, is very important. Sweating, hot flashes and changes in sleep patterns that occur in the body due to hormonal changes can affect a woman’s quality of life. According to experts, who state that the woman’s perspective on life is important in passing this period without problems, family support is essential for psychological well-being.


International Menopause Society and World Health Organization, to raise awareness of women all over the world about menopause and health problems related to menopause on October 18. It’s considered Menopause Day.

Clinical Psychologist Çiğdem Demirsoy says that menopause is a normal and physiological phase in a woman’s life.

Some symptoms occur with hormonal changes

Emphasizing that menopause is generally perceived as a problem for women, but menopause is not a disease. Clinical Psychologist Çiğdem Demirsoy states that during this period, some physical and mental symptoms occur due to hormones. Demirsoy gives the following information about menopause:

“Menopause is a normal, physiological phase in a woman’s life. It is the inability of the ovaries to perform their reproductive function as a result of the ovaries’ secretion of less and less estrogen hormone upon completion of its natural lifespan. During this period, some physical and mental symptoms occur due to hormonal changes. The main symptom is menstrual irregularities and finally the cessation of menstruation. In addition, different sizes of hot flashes, sweating, disruptions in sleep patterns, mood swings, nervousness, intolerance, low energy, weakness, fatigue, sadness, depressive mood may occur from person to person. While some women adapt more easily to these physiological and psychological changes, it may cause distress in others.”

It is important to have a positive outlook on life

Emphasizing that how a person will go through the menopause period is related to his general outlook on life and how he interprets and makes sense of the symptoms he experiences. Clinical Psychologist Çiğdem Demirsoy said, “Negative comments magnify and aggravate the problems brought about by natural physiological changes. The feelings of worthlessness and uselessness experienced when negative meanings such as a loss of menopause and the loss of femininity are attributed to the person can lead to depression. People who have a more positive outlook on life and are at peace with themselves in the premenopausal period and lead an active life are more tolerant of the changes that occur during this period and can get through it without any trouble or with minimal physical difficulties.

In menopause, women can feel worthless

In addition to the physiological losses experienced by women with advancing age, in this period, which coincides with the middle age of women, their children grow up and no longer need them, or the job-professional, on the other hand, is retired and may experience feelings of uselessness and worthlessness due to the decrease in functionality. Therefore, what he needs is to feel useful and valuable. For this reason, before and during menopause, women should have a life purpose and personal pursuits; It is important to lead an active, satisfying social life.

Family support is important

During the menopause period, some women experience feelings such as mild tension, irritability and sadness from time to time and overcome this process. Expressing that a depression picture that requires Clinical Psychologist Çiğdem Demirsoy said, “If it is difficult to cope with negative feelings and thoughts, it is useful to get psychological support before it reaches the level of depression. The support of her husband, children and relatives is also important for women to feel good and valuable.

Spend more time with your family and friends

Exp. Clinical Psychologist Çiğdem Demirsoy stated that women have important duties to their families and close circles and made the following recommendations:

“Seeing attention, love, acceptance and closeness is important not only for women, but also for all people, whether big or small, men or women. It has been proven by research that having close relationships and a social environment with strong ties is very important on a person’s psychological well-being. The support of the spouse, children and relatives is as follows; We can count the approaches that will make him feel good, such as spending time together, sharing, making him feel that he needs it, asking for and giving help for themselves, listening to him, trying to understand his feelings and accepting his feelings.”

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