Motor neuron disease: What is ALS and what are its symptoms? Is There a Cure for ALS Disease?

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, in short, ALS is a serious health problem in the muscular system. ALS, which regresses muscle movements, is also known as Motor Neurone Disease. The person cannot control body movements and has difficulty. There are some technological treatments available to prevent progression when diagnosed at an early stage. So Motor Neuron Disease: What is ALS and what are its symptoms?

ALS is the abbreviation for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. ALS is a muscular system disease. The muscular system allows us to move without damaging the bones in our body. The slightest damage to the muscular system, which increases the functionality of many functions such as chewing, grinding, walking, holding, speaking, walking, affects all this negatively. Melting in the muscle system caused by chemical, neural, gene and immune disorders causes the emergence of ALS. The disease is also seen inherited. The disorder in the muscular system in the family history is passed on to the child. ALS, also known as the Motor Neuron disease type, is not contagious. This is passed on to generations. Abnormal functioning of some vitamins and minerals that we take beneficially in our body causes mutation disorder by damaging the cells. In addition to the scientific explanation, the disease in common language is experienced due to problems such as the nerve cells between the brain and the spinal cord not giving commands to the muscles, and the weakening of the muscles for various reasons. The disease is seen in all ages and all genders. It is more common in men than women. The famous cosmologist and physicist Stephen Hawking fell ill with this disease. With Hawking, the whole world got to know this disease in more detail. In addition, the famous physicist’s resistance and battle against the disease inspired many people.

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Hand-foot synchrony while walking,

Weakness in grasping

Inability to control jaw movements while speaking

Difficulty in swallowing

Difficulty in movements

Don’t get tired too often

swallowing words while speaking

painful cramps in the muscles

Conditions such as tenderness of the bones are among the symptoms of ALS disease.

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After visible symptoms, a specialist is consulted. However, since some symptoms may be a precursor to other diseases, the specialist does some tests. Nerve cells are checked with an electromyogram. The electrical magnetic imbalance in the body also affects the nerves. That’s why nerves are measured from this test. Then the conduction level of the nerves is measured. A needle is inserted through the waist and fluid is taken from the spinal cord. With this test, it is tried to reveal how much damage the muscles have taken. A muscle biopsy is also done.

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A treatment that will completely eliminate the damage caused by this disease in the body has not yet been developed. However, the severity of the conditions caused by the disease is reduced. Well-trained specialist doctors should intervene in this regard. Otherwise, a wrong treatment method may increase the severity of the disease. The patient is provided to continue his natural life by giving physical, rehabilitation, speech therapy, nutritional supplements and psychological supports.

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