Mistakes made in Ramadan, if you drink cold water…

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With the arrival of Ramadan, our diets changed and we started to spend our days with 2 main meals, namely iftar and sahur. But what should we do during this rapid diet change, what should we pay attention to and what should we avoid? There were those who overeat at iftar with the appetite of fasting all day, and those who think they can’t eat anything all day and gorge on sahur… However, there are so many things we need to pay attention to in iftar and sahur… Not to endanger your health, to sleep and wake up with a comfortable stomach. For example, you should avoid the following mistakes in iftar and sahur.

If you are fasting before you get up for sahur…

Regardless of the season of Ramadan, fasting before sahur is actually a disservice to your body. “I drink a lot of water at night and go to bed, it’s enough for me.” Do not think that, in order to ensure that your body finds the energy it needs during the day, make sure to get up for the sahur, and complete your meal with foods that are high in nutrition and filling, such as eggs. Of course, don’t forget to drink plenty of water.

To sleep

It is also a mistake to go back to sleep immediately after eating a lot of food and drinking a glass of water in the sahur. Yes, maybe you can’t stand the lack of sleep, maybe you don’t want to lose even a minute to sleep because you have to get up early in the morning, but sleeping right after eating is very harmful for your digestive system. When you go to sleep immediately after eating that much, the digestive system does not work as well as it should, which damages many organs from your intestines to your stomach. That’s why you need to take care to stay awake for a while after the sahur meal.

Consuming jam and white bread at sahur

You may be trying to consume foods that do not make you thirsty during sahur, and therefore, you may be trying to prepare sahur tables, such as breakfast. But just because you are preparing a breakfast table, you should not put jams on the table in rows, and you should not consume white bread and pita bread as much as possible. Because high-carb foods change blood sugar quickly, which causes you to get hungry early and gain weight quickly, we tell you.

Loading the mussels all at once

When you sit at the iftar table with the appetite of fasting all day, you don’t want to get up, maybe you want to eat everything on the table. However, after a long period of not eating, you should not burden your stomach so much at once. For this reason, it is recommended to start your fast with light iftar meals, then drink a warm soup and take a break of at least 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, you will already feel full, you will eat from other foods on the table in a measured way. Mis.

If you break your fast with cold water…

As you know, Ramadan coincides with summer months and hot weather in recent years. For this reason, water is the most suitable fasting drink for those who are dehydrated all day. But there is an important issue that you should pay attention to: The water you drink while breaking your fast should not be ice-cold water.

Because cold water confuses the cells and prevents them from working properly. This harms many parts of our body, from the esophagus to the stomach, disables the immune system and causes diseases. Therefore, it is very important to break your fast with room temperature water.

Eating hot pita for iftar

We agree, Ramadan pita is good when eaten hot, when it is melted with lots of butter. But unfortunately, it is necessary not to eat pita at iftar when it is hot. Because hot pita bread causes many problems from indigestion to reflux. Likewise, it is important to eat pita in moderation. Because pita is also rich in carbohydrates, it has the ability to quickly change your blood sugar. Beware of.

sherbet sweets

When it comes to the traditional Ramadan table, the first dessert that comes to mind is sherbet desserts. But eating dessert with syrup after every iftar meal is actually considered a big mistake. Because sweets with syrup disrupt the balance of blood sugar due to the intense sugar in them. In the long run, this leads to various problems, from weight gain to heartburn and even reflux.

If you are one of those who say that they cannot stop eating dessert after iftar, you can suppress your desire to eat dessert by eating fruit at least 45 minutes after the meal.

heavy exercises

While fasting, you should avoid activities that will force your body during the day or after iftar. Because such sports and activities can cause serious changes such as heart rhythm disorders by creating changes in blood flow rate. Let’s say, if you are going to fast and continue to do sports during Ramadan, you should be content with light walks after iftar.

drinking cup of tea

Many of us are tea drinkers, that’s true. You may be trying to squeeze the tea that you cannot drink during the day between iftar and sahur, and you may be drinking teapots full of tea. However, tea is a beverage that should not be drunk too much, as it both reduces iron absorption and raises blood pressure. We told you that you should drink tea in moderation after iftar, but it would not go without saying that. If you pay attention to the fact that the tea you drink after iftar is freshly taken from the stove, if you drink hot tea, you are making a big mistake. Because hot tea, like hot pita bread and soup, harms your esophagus and stomach much more than you think. For this reason, it is recommended to drink the tea after it is a little warmer, not while it is boiling, keep in mind.

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