Miraculous herb that prevents constipation: What is cassia grass? What are the benefits of senna tea?

Today, cassia, which is the most natural solution for intestinal problems due to unhealthy nutrition, also has different benefits to the body. We have searched for you, who are curious about senna grass, which has been recommended to prevent constipation in alternative medicine for centuries. So what is senna grass? What are the benefits of senna tea?

Sennagrass, which was used in the Arabian Peninsula in the ninth century after Christ, has a very high laxative effect. Cassia, which grows in the form of leaves on the tree, belongs to the laurel family. It has a very strong smell. It is used quite often in Africa and India. As herbal medicine, leaves and seeds are preferred together. There are more than 300 varieties in the world. Thanks to the anthraquinone substance it contains, it makes the stomach and intestines work faster. It is usually consumed as a tea. However, people with chronic intestinal problems or who have undergone stomach and intestinal surgery should not consume this tea.

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  • It regulates the defecation task by providing softening of the hardened intestines due to the nutrients.
  • It is an ideal tea for those who cannot lose weight due to their appetite. It helps in regulating the eating habits by cutting the appetite.
  • A glass of senna tea can be consumed to relieve indigestion and swelling after meals.
  • Gas is formed in the stomach by the effect of the air taken while eating. Gas can accumulate in the abdominal cavities or stomach and cause discomfort. Senna tea is one of the natural remedies in this situation.
  • It helps to easily remove inflammation and toxins accumulated in the body.
  • As it is known, senna tea is recommended to reduce the damage to the skin surface. It is a natural remedy for sunspots, especially in summer, and for eczema, which often increases during seasonal transitions.
  • In ancient teas, water obtained from senna tea was used to heal wounds or prevent germs. Senna, used as a tonic, has a rapid healing effect.
  • Bone and headaches cause the body to become sluggish after a while. These health problems are usually seen after infectious viral diseases or severe inflammatory diseases. In this regard, senna is a powerful sedative. It reduces pain.
  • Today, experts recommend one glass a day to reduce depression or stress caused by increasing mental illnesses or heavy work schedule. However, after 7 days, at least 4 days must not be interrupted.

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Senna grass, which is generally preferred by drying, is taken from herbalists. Put half a tablespoon of dried senna leaves in a coffee pot where you add two glasses of water. After boiling for an average of 7 -8 minutes, remove from the stove and drain into a glass. Then add half a teaspoon of honey if you wish.

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When consumed excessively, it causes severe fluid loss in the body. It causes severe pain in the stomach and intestines.

As toxin removal accelerates in the body, it can cause acid accumulation.

As the acid rate rises, causeless pain occurs in the muscle and bone system. Its strongest side effect is its allergic effect on the skin.

Consultation with the specialist should be informed about how long it should be consumed. This nutrient, which is otherwise beneficial, can suddenly lead to serious problems.

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