Miraculous effect on cancer treatment: What is Manuka honey? What are the benefits of Manuka honey?

Honey made from the pollen of manuka flowers in New Zealand is called manuka honey. Manuka honey, which is exported to the whole world from here, is a panacea. In particular, studies have shown that manuka honey reduces cancerous cells. This honey, which has a stronger effect than all known antibiotics, is also a food that provides one-to-one benefits against viruses. What are the benefits of Manuka honey?

It has been revealed that the food produced by the bees that collect the pollen of the manuka flower, which was discovered at the beginning of the 19th century, and make honey, is a powerful natural medicine. However, it has been determined in the history books that the local people have been using it for centuries for healing purposes. The leaves of the manuka flower, which grows in the mountainous areas of New Zealand and South East Australia, heal wounds quickly. This type of flower, which is used to make medicine in alternative medicine, has taken its place in the field of interest with its smell and taste. Since only those flowers grow in that region, the bees’ pollen addresses are only manuka flowers. That’s why the honey in the nearby beehives is called manuka honey.

Indigenous Maoris used this honey and flower for almost every ailment. Today, it has been seen that manuka flower and honey, which are the subject of research, are powerful antioxidants. Manuka honey, which is especially effective against viruses that cause colds, is exported from New Zealand to the whole world.

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  • The demand for manuka honey, which has grown in popularity with the consumption of famous tennis player Novak Djokovic and actress Scarlett Johansson, has increased worldwide. The theft of the bees that produced this honey, which he was interested in, became an event. Conserved manuka flowers and honey;
  • It is a natural remedy for sore throats caused by viral infections. When a spoon is added to hot water and consumed, it cleans the bronchial tracts. Thanks to its expectorant feature, it purifies the throat from infection. It prevents viruses from descending into the lungs.
  • Since it has a strong antibacterial effect, it is also effective in strengthening the immune system. Manuka honey, which increases the body’s resistance against diseases, also cleans the fungi and viruses in the body.
  • It also reduces joint pain associated with inflammation. It provides rapid healing of wounds. Therefore, the leaves of this plant are used as medicine in military treatment areas.
  • It prevents stomach and intestinal diseases. It relieves digestion. It facilitates the recovery of metabolism by increasing its functions.

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