Miracle antioxidant: What is quercetin and what foods is it found in? What does quercetin do?

Quercetin, one of the antioxidant types recommended by experts to strengthen immunity in recent years, has proven to be very effective against coronavirus. Quercetin, which is taken through food, provides rapid regeneration of cells. It helps to quickly remove harmful toxins from the body. So what is quercetin and in which foods is it found? What does quercetin do?

Quercetin, which is scientifically accepted as a type of antioxidant, is a subtype of flavonoid. In the researches of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, it has been accepted as an antioxidant with a high effect. Its ingredients are insoluble in water. Therefore, this pigment substance found in foods is found from the same place in the food when it is cooked. Quercetin substance, which has many effects in the body, is especially effective against viruses and infected cells. In addition to antioxidant, it also has properties such as anti-inflammatory, antiplatelet, anti-apoptotic, nepho, gastro, angioi, cardio and chondroprotective. Since it is an active ingredient in heart treatment, it has been preferred quite often in the treatment process.

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Since it has a strong effect, it is one of the preferred substances in treatments. It has been found that it prevents the secretion of histamine, which causes allergies, especially in the immune system. This shows that as a result of the researches, it can reduce the runny nose, watery eyes, allergic symptoms on the face and lips. In addition to citrus foods such as oranges, tangerines and lemons, there are also red apples, cherry tomatoes, cherries, black mulberries, grapes, olive oil, parsley and green onions. In the researches, it was determined that the highest grape seed.


It lowers the bad cholesterol level in the blood. It prevents heart risk and vascular occlusion by increasing the amount of good cholesterol.

By balancing blood pressure, it prevents the emergence of risky diseases such as hypertension.

It is also effective in the treatment of interstitial cystitis, a highly inflammatory and painful disease that occurs in the bladder. It helps to get rid of inflammations through the urine without accumulating. It also prevents the formation of kidney or bladder stones, which may occur in the future.

Quercetin, which provides rapid regeneration of cells, prevents the formation of cancer. In particular, it prevents the emergence of cancers such as breast, ovarian and prostate. It contributes positively to treatments by reducing the growth of tumors.

Experts against the increasing coronavirus in recent years say that the immunity should be stronger against the virus by consuming plenty of foods containing this substance.

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