Migraine treatment methods

There are many factors that trigger migraine, which is a neurological disease, from food and drink to seasonal changes. Even daily weather changes can be effective in the course of the disease. With the arrival of autumn, migraine attacks increase, while the smell of perfume or the migraine headaches increase. Neurologist Dr. Nurettin Varolgüneş gave information about migraine.

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Neurology Specialist Dr. According to the information given by Nurettin Varolgüneş, approximately 60 percent of migraine headaches occur on one side of the head and are mostly accompanied by throbbing. Nausea and occasional vomiting may also occur. This pain progresses in attacks and can last between 4-72 hours. During migraine attacks, blurred vision and being disturbed by light and sound are among the frequently encountered complaints. Physical activity and head movements trigger these attacks in migraine.

Migraine is in the group of primary headaches that are not associated with any other disease and present directly with headache. Neurologist Dr. Varolgüneş states the following about migraine treatment:

How is migraine treatment done?

“The goal in migraine treatment is to reduce pain triggering factors, to suppress the sensitivity of the nervous system and the events around the vein and vein that occur during pain. The basic treatment is divided into two as preventive and acute attack treatment.

If the patient’s pain is seen 1-2 times a month, only acute attack treatment is recommended. Simple painkillers, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, drugs with ergotamine and triptans are used in the treatment of acute pain attacks. If painkillers and drugs with ergotamine are used frequently, they cause constant pain and Sometimes they can cause more serious side effects.

Anti-emetic group anti-nausea drugs are also given for nausea and vomiting during an attack. Painkillers should be taken at the beginning of the attack. In order to accelerate absorption, anti-nausea medication should be taken before painkillers.

“If the number of attacks exceeds three or four in a month, then it is necessary to use drugs not only during the attack, but also to prevent migraine attacks,” said Neurology Specialist Dr. Nurettin Varolgüneş said, “If the person has less than 2-3 migraine attacks per month, preventive treatment may not be required. Considering the social life and job of the person, preventive treatment can be given at the request of the patient, regardless of the number of attacks. In preventive treatment, drugs are taken every day. For this purpose, heart drugs, depression drugs, epilepsy drugs are used. It is inconvenient to take painkillers every day,” he said.

Are there alternative treatments?

Neurology Specialist Dr. Nurettin Varolgüne also gave the following information about alternative treatments for migraine: “Botox in migraine, acupuncture, tissue massage in chronic pain, Riboflavin, magnesium and some herbal medicines are used as alternative treatments and are useful in some patients.”

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