Methods to reduce reflux complaint

Reflux, which is seen in one of every 4-5 people in Turkey, is the discomfort of stomach contents escaping into the esophagus and causing complaints. Diagnosis is made by endoscopic visualization of the esophagus and/or demonstration of acid exposure of the esophagus using a catheter or capsule. Gastroenterology Specialist Dr. Ekrem Aslan made suggestions to help reflux patients relax.

refluye karsi beslenme reflu tedavisi

Drop the night snacks!

Pay attention to your lying position to avoid reflux complaints at night

Raising the head of the bed by 15-20 cm and lying on the left side position, especially in patients with nighttime reflux reflux reduces their symptoms. There are studies reporting that lying in the supine and right side positions increases the reflux complaint.

Get rid of your excess weight

Avoid heavy exercises

Exercises such as weight lifting and sit-ups increase reflux complaints. However, reflux complaints can be reduced by light-moderate exercises (such as brisk walking, swimming, aerobic exercises).

Tight clothes and clothes cause increased intra-abdominal pressure, thus increasing reflux complaints. It is recommended that those with reflux disease wear comfortable clothes that do not tighten.

Those who have new-onset reflux complaints over the age of 50 or those who have more than one reflux attack per week for more than 5 years should have an endoscopy.

Keep track of other complaints accompanying reflux

Those with a family history of esophageal cancer and weight loss, anemia, reflux complaints accompanying difficulty in swallowing or painful swallowing and bloody vomiting Regardless of age, patients with alarm symptoms should be evaluated by endoscopy.

Rearrange your diet

Meals should be eaten at frequent intervals and in small portions. Consumption of fibrous foods reduces the development of reflux. Caffeinated drinks, spicy and salty foods, carbonated drinks, fatty foods and chocolate can increase reflux complaints. Care should be taken while consuming these foods and if they cause complaints, their consumption should be avoided.

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