Menopause can trigger heart diseases!

Menopause, which is likely to be seen in women after middle age, can also trigger some health problems. One of them is estrogen hormone. The change in estrogen hormone causes the blood vessels to relax.

Menopause is thought to be the cause of heart problems in women over the age of 40 and 50, according to the study. Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Dr. Dilek Uslu made a statement on this subject.

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menopause affects the heart

Women are affected by cardiovascular diseases until older ages than men. In women, cardiovascular disease occurs 7-10 years later than in men. The protective effect of estrogen on cardiovascular health in the premenopausal period depends on its positive effect on the lipid profile. In women, the death rate from cardiovascular diseases increases in the postmenopausal period. Turkey is one of the countries in Europe where cardiovascular diseases are most common in women.

Menopause is the period in a woman’s life when ovulation stops and estrogen production decreases and the menstrual cycle is permanently interrupted. The average age of menopause in our country is 48 years. If 1 year has passed since the last menstrual bleeding, the diagnosis of menopause is definitively made. Estrogen is produced naturally in a woman’s body and is the main hormone that regulates the menstrual cycle. It reduces the risk of heart attack by providing a protection against coronary artery disease. It helps control the cholesterol level and thus reduces the risk of fatty plaques forming on the artery walls. As we age, blood vessels can harden due to high blood pressure. This is a risk factor associated with heart attack and stroke. During and after menopause, a woman’s body gradually produces less estrogen than before. Endothelium-derived vasodilating factor is decreased. While this increases the risk of narrowing of the coronary arteries, it paves the way for plaque formation of the artery walls. This increases the risk of developing a circulatory condition such as coronary heart disease or stroke.

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menopause affects the heart


Young women who have had premature or surgical menopause due to removal of the ovaries, and who do not receive estrogen therapy despite early menopause, have a higher chance of developing heart disease. Menopausal women are at an even greater risk if they have any of the following health and lifestyle conditions: Diabetes Smoking: Women who smoke are 2-4 times more likely to have a heart attack. Passive smoking also increases the risk of heart attack in women. Hypertension

High LDL (low density lipoproteins) or bad cholesterol Low HDL (high density lipoproteins) or good cholesterol Obesity: 44 percent of women living in our country are struggling with obesity. Unhealthy diet is the biggest cause of obesity. Sedentary lifestyle Family history of heart disease


Aim to be at a healthy weight and maintain your ideal weight. Waist circumference in women should be less than 88 centimeters. Follow a diet low in saturated fat; consume low trans fats; Eat a diet rich in fiber, whole grains, legumes (like beans and lentils), fruits, vegetables, and fish.

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