Lymphoma symptoms

When we think of lymphoma, only one type of cancer comes to mind. Hematology Specialist Prof. Dr. Mustafa Çetiner points out that there are many types of lymphoma and that each of them can almost pretend to be another disease. Although they usually occur in the neck, armpits and groin, the cause of the majority of lymph tumors that can be seen wherever the blood reaches cannot be determined. Age is an important risk factor. Although it is mostly seen over the age of 60, it can occur at any age. Here are the 5 most important symptoms of lymph cancer !

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Lymphoma can present itself with many symptoms. Hematology Specialist Prof. Dr. Mustafa Çetiner lists the 5 most important symptoms of this disease as follows:

1. Growing swelling in the lymph nodes

lenfoma belirtiler

The first complaint in lymphoma is usually the recognition of a painless swelling. Without infection, swelling in any part of the body, especially in the lymph nodes in the neck, armpits and groin, can indicate a lymph node tumor. These swellings are usually superficial and are painless.

2. Involuntary and rapid weight loss

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Loss of 10 percent or more of the total weight in the last 6 months without any reason is among the important findings of lymphoma.

3. Night sweats


It is common to sweat at night in summer, especially in hot weather. However, sweating so much that you need to change underwear and even bed linen every night despite the fact that the environment is not hot can be a sign of lymphoma.

4. High fever

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In case of fever exceeding 38 degrees in the body without infection or any other reason, it is necessary to be careful against lymphoma. In lymphoma, the fever exhibits a fluctuating characteristic, for example, from normal for a few days, it rises for a few days, then returns to normal again. The cycle continues like this. However, the fire cycle may not always be this way.

5. Weakness, fatigue

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Unexplained weakness and fatigue can also be symptoms of lymphoma.

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