Look at the warm water with lemon drunk for a month, what does it do? What are the benefits of lemon juice?

Studies have shown that it has incredible benefits for human health when the lemon, which contains the most effective antioxidant and solvent, is added to the water we will consume daily and consumed at least 1 liter per day. It is especially good for intestinal problems and accelerates fat burning. So what are the benefits of lemon juice? Look at the warm water with lemon drunk for a month, what does it do?

The benefits of lemon water consumed regularly for a year to the body surprised even experts. The taste of lemon, which is a store of vitamin C, is sometimes sour and sometimes bitter. It is good for high blood pressure, fever, constipation, dental problems, overweight, and upper respiratory tract diseases. The lemon tree, which is consumed throughout the year, which harvests twice a year, does not shed its leaves in winter. In addition to vitamin C, it contains potassium, folic acid, copper, magnesium and fiber. Thanks to these properties, experts have done research on lemon. In a study, it was revealed that lemon water not only accelerates weight loss, but also benefits many diseases. It has been observed that it reduces the complications of general diseases caused by our body’s immunity and digestive system. The lemon, which is thought to have emerged for the first time in South Asia, brought people who traveled to Arab countries to our lands in the 12th century. Lemon, seen as a sour orange, was used in alternative medicine, especially for digestive diseases.

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  • It can cause serious health problems when it accumulates with the wastes of some food and beverages in the intestines, which affects the body’s resistance. One of them is colon diseases. The most advanced dimension of these diseases is colon cancer. That’s why you always squeeze lemon in two glasses of warm water and consume it before breakfast. You can expel harmful cells or bacteria from the foods you consume throughout the day through urine or feces.
  • The vitamins A and C it contains form a protective shield against cataract and macular degeneration, which may occur in the eye. Thanks to antioxidants, it prevents the accumulation of inflammation in the eye.
  • The powerful antioxidant affects not only eye health but also skin health positively. It prevents the skin from being deformed and prevents wrinkles and aging.
  • The deterioration of the functions of the liver, in which all the toxins in the body accumulate and are excreted, is a very dangerous situation. Therefore, excess toxin in the liver should be cleaned with additional supplements. The most effective food to increase the enzyme factor is lemon. Since lemon contains excessive solvents, it is more effective when consumed by mixing it with water.
  • Weakened immune system and increased virus rates in winter cause upper respiratory tract diseases. Even if it is not very serious, lemon juice increases the resistance against these ailments that negatively affect the daily life of the person.
  • Thanks to the acidic feature it contains, it is also effective in cleaning the infections accumulated in the mouth and between the teeth. Especially when you gargle with a glass of lemon juice for 120 seconds before going to bed, you will both prevent bad breath and prevent the accumulation of infection in the mouth all night by increasing the acid rate in the saliva.
  • Thanks to its antioxidant feature, it helps you to get rid of edema and fat accumulated in the body in a short time. It cleans the throat, esophagus and stomach. It prevents the occurrence of diseases such as esophageal cancer, gastric reflux.


People with high blood pressure should consult their experts. Pregnant and lactating mothers should not drink it. Since it triggers the side effects of some drugs, it should be consumed at least 2 hours after the drugs. Those with fair skin should be very careful when using lemon for face masks.

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