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Nevşah Fidan Karamehmet , the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Breathing Coaching Federation , who continues to work on issues such as the recognition and dissemination of breathing coaching in Turkey, the training process and qualification standards, and its acceptance as a profession, is an effective and well-equipped breathing coach. explained the criteria.

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Nevşah Fidan Karamehmet, who has been working on yoga, breathing therapy, awareness and meditation since 2002, is qualified to give breathing sessions or seminars. He states that those who have the necessary equipment should have completed their education such as university education and completed a master’s degree in their field. Nevşah Fidan Karamehmet, who stated that people who do not have this equipment can put people’s lives at risk, listed the criteria to be sought as follows:

  • Breathing coaches should be physically and psychologically healthy in the first stage, satisfying themselves and all around them, and in good relations. it should.
  • In order to be able to work with people who have different health problems who want to benefit from breathing sessions, it is very important that they have completed the training on behavioral patterns and respiratory physiology along with breathing training.
  • A good breathing coach should have a professional breathing coaching certificate approved by the Breath Coaching Federation, which can be considered valid instead of a diploma stating that he has completed the process in the training program for three years.
  • In this sense, it is very important for everyone who wants to reach the secrets of positive life with natural breathing, to work with breathing coaches who are equipped and have proficiency certificates.

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