Lassa fever after the corona virus! What is Lassa fever? What are the symptoms of Lassa fever?

For nearly two years, the whole world has been on the cusp of the coronavirus and its mutations. Along with the endless coronavirus, viruses that will cause other epidemics began to appear. Lassa fever appeared after the coronavirus, Sars and Mers viruses. Lassa fever is a virus originating from West Africa. It causes acute viral illness. What is Lassa fever? What are the symptoms of Lassa fever? The answer to all questions is in the details of the news…

This deadly virus, which emerged in the Lissa region of Nigeria, got its name from here. Lassa virus, which is transmitted from animals to humans from humans to humans, is an RNA virus from the Arenaviridae family. The virus, especially found in rats, comes out of their urine. These rats are abundant in West and East Africa. Rats, which easily enter and settle in houses, mix their viruses with food, especially water. It is passed on to people this way. However, it can spread from person to person by respiratory route. It is transmitted to humans who come into contact with places contaminated with the feces and urine of Mastomys rats. In the areas where these rodents live, the viruses get into the air when it rains or winds. Since Africa is a continent lacking in hygiene, the virus spread rapidly. It caused the death of many people. Since adequate cleaning was not provided, the spread occurred mostly in hospitals at the time of its release. The virus gradually takes over the immunity and respiratory tract. However, the person thinks that he has a cold or flu during this process. After about a week, the virus, which settles in the respiratory tract with severe chills and fever, causes severe symptoms. The most common symptom in Lassa fever is deafness. Hearing in the ears is damaged because the body pressure cannot handle the external air pressure.


Finally, there was a significant increase in the number of Lassa virus patients recorded on January 3-9, 2022. Citizens traveling internationally have been warned about the increasing case in Nigeria. The seasonal virus, which killed 102 people last year, is now seen in about 10 states.

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how lassa fever spread


It manifests itself with the first mild symptoms. Therefore, the diagnosis is not made immediately. It starts with headache, body fatigue and mild fever. However, as the virus progresses, the symptoms both change shape and increase in severity. It manifests itself with severe symptoms such as bleeding in the gums, eyes and nose, frequent vomiting and increased edema in the face area, and shock. As these symptoms progress, they lead to organ failure. B also results in death. However, lassa fever shows the same symptoms as other viruses. The only point that distinguishes him from the others is the deaf sign. Body pressure causes deafness.

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Treatment of the lassa virus seen in Africa is still under investigation


Mastomys rats are common all over the continent. That’s why the virus spreads at full speed. The first symptom was seen in West Africa. It caused the death of many people. Although various studies have been carried out since the virus first appeared, no definitive treatment has been found. The World Health Organization, which stepped in for this, could not reach a definite conclusion about the common virus. Therefore, there is no cure for the disease. However, in some studies, it has been observed that people with a strong immune system are better at fighting the virus. Experts emphasize that the healthiest ways against these viruses are natural foods, especially strong antibiotics such as onions and garlic.

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