Kiss. Dr. A solution to knee inflammations that turn into nightmares from Feridun Kunak!

Knee inflammation is a serious health problem that progresses insidiously. Knee inflammation, which reduces the quality of life, adversely affects the full use of the legs if not intervened in time. Kiss. Dr. Feridun Kunak offers a miracle solution for knee inflammations.

Health problems experienced in the knees, which are almost the carrier point of the body, reduce the quality of life of the person. Knee pain, which makes the work difficult, invites more serious health problems as it progresses. Compressed inflammation that starts in the kneecap and can be seen around it causes rapid deformation of the bones. This prevents bending and twisting activity. Kiss. Dr. Feridun Kunak goes to his patients every Saturday at 13:20 on Channel 7 screens and offers definite solutions for the health problems they experience. Unhealthy diet, lack of calcium, excess uric acid in the body invites inflammation of the kneecaps.

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