It is newly produced in our country! Passion fruit that renews the immune system

Since it is suitable for the Mediterranean climate, it has been revealed that the passion fruit, which has not been produced in greenhouses in our country in recent years, completely renews the immune system. Although the passion fruit, which contains a high amount of vitamin C, is known as a summer fruit, its cultivation has already started because it is suitable for the Mediterranean climate.

Passion fruit, known as love or passion fruit, has entered the radar of especially young producers in our country. A young man who established his greenhouse in Mersin the other day was appreciated thanks to this success. By producing more than 2 tons, it removed the passion fruit from the list of imported fruits. Nowadays, although its weight is pocket-friendly, it is sold at more affordable prices towards the summer months. As the passion fruit, which contains a high amount of vitamin C, turns purple, the vitamin values ​​in its content increase.

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passion fruit rejuvenates the body

Passionflower Fruit That Renews Immune Fruit!

In a study conducted in the USA, the positive effects of passion fruit on human health were determined. In particular, it increases the protein ratio in the immune system, making it more resistant to viruses and bacteria. Since insomnia and depression are among the most common diseases today, scientists explained that these risks are reduced thanks to the nerve cells regenerated by passion fruit.

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Passionflower contains a strong amount of vitamins


The part inside the passionfruit, whose outer shell is quite hard, is eaten. Although it looks like a seed, the inside has a sweet and sour taste. It is generally consumed with ice cream abroad. Jam is made in our country. Since the amount of liquid is high, passion fruit is accepted by experts as a natural remedy for kidney patients. The part inside is removed and the watery part is consumed. In addition, passion fruit is in the first place among additional supplements abroad.

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passion fruit nutritional value


  1. It prevents the occurrence of hormonal disorders during menopause.
  2. It provides one-to-one benefits to body aches.
  3. It improves the bone and muscle system.
  4. Thanks to its high fiber content, the intestines work more healthily.
  5. The high amount of liquid it contains makes the adrenal glands work.
  6. Since it contains a strong amount of vitamin C, it increases the body’s resistance against diseases.

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