It contains 10 times more protein than an egg! What are the benefits of blue and green eggs?

Egg consumption is a food that has existed since almost human history. Over the years, their eggs, which are suitable for consumption by other animal species, have started to come to the fore. The egg, which is rich in protein, also appeared in blue and green. These blue and green eggs from South American chickens are becoming popular. What are the benefits of blue and green eggs?

Blue-green egg, which draws attention with its different color, contains 10 times more calories than yellow and white eggs. It also contains vitamins A, B, D and E that the human body needs. Blue and green eggs are produced in Turkey’s R&D facilities located in Bursa İnegöl. However, these eggs are normally produced by chickens in South America. These chickens, which are especially famous in Chile, are now kept privately. Giant facilities were established for the production of these chickens in America. Because the eggs obtained contain a high amount of protein.

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Blue and green eggs contain high protein


  • Thanks to the high iron it contains, it is good for anemia caused by various factors.
  • Blue-green egg, which is rich in calcium, which is needed by the bones and teeth in the body, ensures the healthy development of bones and protects the teeth from diseases.
  • It has 13 nutritional sources necessary for the heart to function in a healthy way.
  • Regular consumption of blue-green eggs after a certain age reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s in advanced ages.
  • Regularly consumed blue-green eggs keep the body fit throughout the day.
  • Blue and green eggs, which protect the brain membranes, help the brain to perform its functions in a healthy way.
  • It reduces the risk of stroke and prevents vascular occlusion.

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