Is your body ready for Ramadan? If you drink apple juice for a week…

With the days before Ramadan, experts warn that it will be beneficial to check whether our body is ready for fasting. So, is your body ready for Ramadan? His body, which has been hungry and dehydrated for a long time, needs to make some preparations beforehand. Otherwise, it may be a process that paves the way for diseases. In this, effective foods in terms of toxin removal are recommended. If you drink apple juice for a week..

The month of Ramadan is a very important turning point in terms of health. It is important to prepare the body for this process before this time, which is ideal for the body to renew itself. Experts recommend that people with an unhealthy diet and weak immunity increase their body’s resistance against long-term hunger and thirst before Ramadan. The body, which has to spend the whole day with two meals, needs to store energy beforehand. There are ideal foods for this. However, the most effective among them is apple juice. Apple juice cleans the toxins accumulated in the body and strengthens immunity, as well as supports the conversion of fat stores into energy. By drinking a regular glass of apple juice for a week, you will prepare your body for Ramadan. At the same time, you can continue this healthy process by consuming apple juice two hours after iftar during Ramadan.

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Before the start of Ramadan, one should consume plenty of water to increase the body’s water content. However, when the body has difficulty in consuming water, it is possible to meet the need for water with fruits with high liquid content such as watermelon and melon. This helps to keep the body, which is dehydrated during long fasting hours, more vigorous.

Reducing the amount of food consumed at meals before Ramadan is beneficial for stomach health. Thus, the rate of feeling the hunger of the stomach during fasting hours decreases.

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Salt negatively affects the body’s water retention rate. For this reason, the decrease in the amount of salt consumed before and after entering the month of Ramadan allows the body to remain more resilient during the fasting period.

A person who uses drugs constantly should consult his doctor to find out whether he can fast or not. Unless there is a situation that will prevent him from fasting, he should adjust the medicine hours according to iftar and sahur.

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By starting before Ramadan and consuming apple juice regularly, you can get rid of all the toxins accumulated in your body through the urinary tract. In this way, you strengthen your body’s immune system and increase its resistance against diseases.

As it is a powerful antioxidant, it lowers bad cholesterol. It protects cardiovascular health by providing the potassium that the body needs. prof. Dr. İbrahim Saracoğlu says that apple juice directly benefits the heart.

Fats and toxins taken from food are excreted from the body through the liver. However, any deformation of the liver causes it to lose this function and accumulate fatty toxins. However, apple juice, which is rich in alkali, prevents this accumulation in the liver. Thus, it ensures that you enter the month of Ramadan with a healthier liver.

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Long-term hunger and thirst, and previously unhealthy diet, weaken the bones. This causes the person to get tired immediately and experience muscle pain. However, the vitamin C and iron in apple juice prevent these situations from happening.

One of the most common problems during Ramadan is digestive problems. Thanks to the solvent acids it contains, the apple balances the flora in the intestines. It prevents the occurrence of discomforts such as constipation and diarrhea. It also prevents bloating and indigestion by balancing stomach acid.

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