Is thyme oil good for coronavirus? What are the benefits of thyme herb and thyme tea?

Oregano oil has become one of the natural remedies recently recommended by experts to prevent coronavirus and other flu viruses, thanks to the carvacrol substance it contains. We searched for those who were curious about the oil obtained from thyme herb, which has been consumed for health purposes in alternative medicine for centuries. In addition, everything about thyme tea and thyme herb, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory, is also in the details of the news! What does thyme oil do?

Thyme, which has more than one variety in nature, has many benefits for our body. Thyme, which is mostly used in honey production by bees, is one of the most effective plants in strengthening the immune system. Essential oil is obtained from the leaves of oregano, which grows spontaneously in fields and meadows with its unique smell. At the same time, the leaves are dried and tea is made. Thyme herb, which has been used for centuries, is more preferred in meat dishes. The reason is that it gives a different taste to the meat with its taste of pleasure. Thanks to the antiseptic properties of the essential oils in oregano leaves, which are used in medical treatment in Asian and North African countries, they provide incredible benefits to human health. Oregano, which belongs to the mint family zeaxanthin, lutein, apigenin, naringenin, and luteolin Contains such substances. In addition to these, it is rich in B complex, vitamins K, C and folic acid. There are more than 350 varieties of thyme in nature.

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When thyme seeds, which are generally consumed as a spice, are squeezed, a very strong essential oil comes out. This oil is especially recommended for oral wounds in alternative medicine. However, it can also be used for skin and hair problems. Thanks to its sharp ingredients like rosemary and mint, it is recommended as a massage oil in the treatment of muscle and bone pain. Thanks to its smell, it provides an opening effect for shortness of breath and asthma patients. It relaxes breathing. Prepared as a mouthwash, thyme oil strengthens the gums and reduces intraoral infection. Thanks to its burning effect, it causes sweating and reduction of fat when applied to areas where there is regional lubrication before sports. In addition to all this, experts have recently made a big statement about thyme oil. Thyme oil, which contains a component known as carvacrol or carvocrol, has a strong antiviral antibacterial effect. That’s why experts emphasize that it is effective against coronavirus.


It provides one-to-one benefits for gas and bloating caused by fatty and carbonated foods in the stomach. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, it removes free radicals from the body through the urine. It prevents the accumulation of toxins in the esophagus, stomach and intestines.

Experts who recommend drinking a glass of thyme tea every day to reduce toxins in the stomach and esophagus indicate that the tea also prevents bad breath.

It balances the fluid ratio in the kidneys and expels harmful bacteria through urine. Thus, it reduces the formation of sand and stone.

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Thanks to its antibacterial properties, it is very effective in deep cleansing the skin. It removes bacteria on the skin and makes the skin firm. It also provides shine to the skin by removing blemishes.

The disintegrating compounds contained in thyme, which is also good for the muscle pain that athletes often experience, prevent the muscles from tensing or tightening, and support the body to move more easily. It also prevents the formation of inflammation and edema by balancing the platelet cells in the blood. The vitamin K it contains also supports the growth of bones.

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In studies, it has been observed that thyme added to a glass of thyme tea or a bowl of chicken broth a day increases the level of dopamine and serotonin, which are found in the brain, of happiness hormones. Experts emphasize that it is an important plant that should be consumed by people who are prone to depression or stress.

Any deformation in the scalp causes hair loss and wear. Decreased vitamins and minerals in the hair also increase the severity of such health problems. However, in the last rinse during the bath, thyme water is poured into the hair, thereby reducing this condition. Thanks to its antiseptic properties, thyme soothes the scalp and increases the vitamins in the cells.

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It should also be consumed to relieve sore throat, which occurs as a result of infections or upper respiratory tract diseases, which are frequently experienced during seasonal changes. In order for thyme tea to be effective in these diseases, mix two tablespoons of thyme with 3 glasses of water, a clove of garlic and 6 drops of lemon, boil for 10 minutes and consume.

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