Is there a Delmicron variant? What are the symptoms of Delmicron? How is Delmicron transmitted?

Recently, it has been claimed that there is another variant called delmicron on the internet and that this variant is a combination of delta and omicron variants. After these news that the symptoms were severe and different, an explanation came from the experts. Is there a Delmicron variant? What are the symptoms of Delmicron? How is Delmicron transmitted?

The coronavirus, which has emerged since 2019, has undergone many mutations. There has been a worldwide relief after the vaccine of the coronavirus, which has very fast variant varieties. But then the omicron variant overshadowed this situation. It has been suggested that a variant called Delmicron emerged from the combination of the rapidly spreading omicron variant and the most severe variant, delta, these days when countries are going to close again.

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is there a delmicron variant


It was claimed that the variant in question was severe because it contained the DNA of the most severe delta variant. According to the allegations; It was said that the symptoms that started with high fever followed by headache, runny nose, sore throat and dry cough. It was reported that this situation intensified in a short time and the person became weak and those who caught this variant were hospitalized.

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is there a delmicron variant


Experts made a statement about the delmicron variant circulating on social media. Director of Tata Institute of Genetics and Society, Bangalore Dr. Rakesh Kumar Mishra explained that they have not come across such a variant type and that the circulating scholar is a lie. Msihra continued her statements by saying, “Delmicron is a misleading term. There is no variant with this name. It is possible for a person to be infected with these two types of coronavirus. However, this probability is very low.” He underlined that there is no such variant in the data of the World Health Organization. However, he stated that there may be variant varieties and they will announce this in the future.

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