Is the native vaccine Turkovac inactive or mRNA? Does the local vaccine Turkovac have any side effects?

In these days when the vaccine is gaining momentum, Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca suggested Turkovac as the 3rd dose vaccine recommendation. We have searched for you what is curious about Turkovac, the domestic vaccine. The most curious thing about Turkovac was whether it was inactive or mRNA. Husband gave the date for the vaccine. Is the native vaccine Turkovac inactive or mRNA? Does the local vaccine Turkovac have any side effects?

After the coronavirus, which affected the whole world 2 years ago, scientists started to work on drug and vaccine development. Turkish scientists were among them. The vaccine, which has started clinical studies in 41 centers, announced that it has come to the end of Phase-3 studies in the past months.

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In the statement made by the Ministry of Health in October, it was said that mass production would begin if approval was obtained. On October 13, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca gave the expected news from his own social media account. Saying that they will start making Turkovac based in Turkey, Koca added the following to his statement:

“We are preparing to offer Turkovac to the service of Turkey. Anyone who has had 2 doses of vaccine before, has not had Covid-19, and is healthy between the ages of 18-59 can support us! The choice of the 3rd dose vaccine is free. But since the local vaccine is in Turkovac, At least 3,000 of us should choose Turkovac!”

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Turkovac is an inactivated vaccine developed by Erciyes University and the Ministry of Health, Turkish Health Institutes Presidency and recommended by the Ministry as the 3rd dose vaccine. Just like Sinnovac, Turkovac trains immunity against the virus.

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turkovac has no side effects


It turned out that no side effects of the Turkovac vaccine, which was completed in the third FAZ study, have been observed so far. Kayseri City Hospital Infectious Diseases Clinical Microbiology Specialist Dr. Ayşin Kılınç Toker stated that good results will be remembered after the vaccine progresses without side effects. In addition, he underlined that it is necessary to ask the patient whether chronic patients and whether they have an obstacle against the vaccine.

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