Is it okay to consume mineral water with coffee after iftar?

The best way to eliminate the mineral and vitamin loss experienced during fasting is the foods consumed during iftar and after. Experts usually recommend consuming Turkish coffee and mineral water after meals with low fat and carbohydrates in iftar. So, is it right to consume mineral water with coffee after iftar?

One of the most common health problems during Ramadan is digestive problems. Experts underline that in order to prevent this situation, foods that regulate digestion should be consumed at iftar, after iftar and until sahur. After prolonged hunger and thirst, the body quickly loses minerals and vitamins. It can lead not only to digestion, but also to different diseases. Therefore, the foods consumed after iftar should be high in both liquid and mineral ratios. For this, experts recommend traditional Turkish coffee and mineral water after meals.

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After a long period of thirst, there should be an increase in fluid in the body at the right rate, so it should be consumed not only with water, but also with foods that are healthy and have a high fluid content. Mineral water is one of them.

By increasing the decreasing mineral ratio, it opens the pores of the body and ensures the removal of toxins in this way. However, drinking Turkish coffee also renews the deformed nervous system thanks to the caffeine stimulants it contains.

It is good for weakness and fatigue by increasing the concentration. In addition, it ensures the correct enzymization of the consumed foods.

It prevents indigestion and bloating seen after meals in almost half of the society.

In addition, drinking a bottle of mineral water at sahur will reduce the need for water the next day.

Mineral water allows waste food to come out with feces or urine from the mouth to the esophagus, stomach and intestines. This reduces bad breath while fasting.

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