Is it harmful to drink a lot of water? What is water poisoning and what are its symptoms?

Experts generally recommend consuming 2.5 liters of water per day. In addition, fluid is taken into the body through other foods that we take during the day. Did you know that consuming too much water is harmful? What is water poisoning and what are its symptoms? We have researched for you the serious problems caused by excessive water consumption that you will be surprised to hear.

The body needs to consume water to be healthier. Experts recommend that an average of 3 liters of water should be consumed during the day. However, 2 – 2.5 liters of it should be taken through pure water and the rest through other nutrients. Water consists of oxygen and hydrogen substances. In particular, the body needs these two substances for the comfortable transport of nerve cells. Water is very beneficial not only for the nervous system, but also for the digestive and bone systems. Water has both benefits and harms. When consumed in excess, it causes serious health problems in the body. Just as it benefits the kidneys, the excess also destroys the kidneys. When the adrenal glands are overworked, it causes frequent urination. This causes the nutrients entering the body to be excreted directly with urine or feces without being enzymatic.

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If the water content in the blood is higher than the sodium rate, water intoxication occurs. Experts emphasize that water poisoning should be treated immediately, otherwise it can cause serious discomfort. The desire to consume excessive water is called polydipsia in psychology. In studies on people with this disorder, mental disorders have been observed in the majority of cases. Apart from consuming excessive water, intoxication also occurs when the antidiuretic hormone in the adrenal glands retains water. Another reason is painkillers. Pain relievers increase the amount of water in the blood.

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One of the biggest mistakes of dieters is consuming too much water. This causes the sweat glands to work fast and the body to drain the fluid quickly. Vitamins and minerals in foods taken during diet are rapidly enzymatic and excreted in the body. Since the body cannot get the vitamins it needs daily, its energy is depleted. The severity of headache and muscle pain increases.

The most common situation in water intoxication is stomach cramps. This is followed by the feeling of vomiting and nausea. The reason for this is that the acidity rate decreases as the fluid rate in the stomach changes. If the food is not sufficiently ground, it remains solid. It progresses to the esophagus and causes vomiting with contractions.

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Excessive fluid consumption causes the cells in the nervous system to become deformed. While blood flowing from the foot to the brain with a rapid flow causes mental confusion, it even prepares the ground for the formation of edema in the brain.

An increase in the amount of fluid in the body also causes an increase in blood. Rapid blood flow causes the heart to beat faster. Some people confuse these conditions with diseases such as heart rhythm disorder and panic attacks, so they do not know that water causes it. Therefore, it is useful to see a specialist with such symptoms.

Edema occurs in certain parts of the body. This causes muscle and bone pain. It also increases the likelihood of muscle cramps.

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