Is it effective to exercise at home? Unconscious warming can be crippling!

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Sports, which should be made into a habit for a quality life and weight loss, continues to increase the variety of applications that help to do sports at home, with technology and social media channels reaching many people today. Although doing sports is healthy, a wrong exercise can damage the shoulder blade. Interventional Neuroradiology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Eren Erdem stated that a wrong exercise at home causes serious health problems and listed the things to be considered!

He summarized the things to be considered while doing sports at home for the health of the waist and spine. Thanks to the increasing prevalence of social media, especially the educational video content of sports trainers on social platforms such as Instagram and Youtube, and various sports applications, the number of which is increasing day by day, sports have entered the lives of more and more people. However, these health-related developments, unfortunately, unconsciously and without warming up, can lead to permanent health problems. He stated that permanent damage to the back and spine health can be caused while doing sports in the home environment and explained the things to be considered.

Do not risk your health while doing sports at home!

Doing sports at home can be beneficial when applied correctly, but it can cause major health problems when done incorrectly. Ideally, people who take a break from sports professionally or who have not received any training on this subject before, should not choose to do sports without the help of an expert.

Erdem, The area you need to pay attention to the most while doing sports at home; waist and spine. In your movements, you should not put a load on these areas incorrectly. For example, it is very important in which position you lift a weight that you will pick up and lift from the ground. If you lift the weight with support from your lower back or spine, your risk of causing an injury in those areas is very high.

If you do not want such problems to happen to you, you need to develop these muscles with a very careful and slow process. ” said. Stating that the muscles of people who have been away from sports for a long time and then returned to sports are not in their former form, ” Sudden load on the body of people who are away from sports for a long time causes injuries easily, so if you have started sports again, you should start slowly and with a light sport as much as possible. ” he said.

You can stretch and warm up!

Pointing out that the muscles soften, move more easily and allow for a more comfortable rest after the sport, thanks to the stretching movements to be done before starting the sport, Erdem said: Thanks to stretching movements that last for 15-20 minutes, the body warms up, the heart rate rises and it becomes ready for sports. Stretching movements should be done very slowly and then reinforced with warm-up movements. ” said. Erdem stated that soft and antibacterial mats, flexible bands and balls can be used for stretching and warming movements.

Doing Pilates at Home Can Bring Risks!

Stating that pilates sport, which aims to eliminate posture disorders, is widely practiced at home, Erdem said, ” There is a high risk of incorrect positioning of the neck and spine posture during pilates, which is one of the most common sports at home, accompanied by tools that can be found in almost every market and videos prepared on the subject. ” said. Erdem also emphasized the importance of choosing a suitable shoe instead of bare feet or socks in home sports. Interventional Assoc. Dr. Eren Erdem, ” If sports do not have a healthy life it is impossible. However, it gives healthy results when done under the guidance and supervision of experts. ” he said.

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