Intense pain in the kidneys heralds what?

Kidney pain, which has come to the fore due to increasing complaints recently, has attracted the attention of experts. So, what does intense pain in the kidneys herald? Here is the answer to the question:

Under normal conditions, the number of pastries in a person is two, and these pastries are located separately from each other on the right and left. However, although the exact cause is unknown, some situations cause the baby’s burritos to merge while in the womb. This condition, which resembles a horseshoe in shape, is called horseshoe kidney disease. Avrasya Hospital Urology Specialist Op. Dr. Arman Çitçi tells what should be known about horseshoe kidney disease.

Horseshoe kidney disease is a congenital condition.

The kidneys begin to form on either side of the spinal cord while in the womb. During the formation of the baby in the womb, the kidneys are the first organs to form gradually. In a normal process, the kidneys continue to develop separately as the baby grows and take the right position. However, some abnormal conditions cause some defects in this process and the kidneys unite. This situation, which occurs between the 7th and 9th weeks of pregnancy, is not very common, but does not cause a life-threatening condition. However, studies show that people with horseshoe kidney disease are more easily diagnosed with kidney stone diseases.

The most common symptoms of horseshoe kidney disease, which may cause no symptoms in some cases, are as follows:

pain in the kidneys,
cloudy urine,
Pain and burning during urination
blood in the urine,
Weakness and fatigue
High fever,
vomiting complaints,

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Those with certain diseases are in the risk group

Although horseshoe kidney disease is not life-threatening, it leaves people more vulnerable to certain diseases. Along with;

kidney stones,
kidney cancer,
Wilms tumor,
Kidney swelling caused by the accumulation of urine,
Extra fluid accumulation in the brain,
split spine,
skeletal problems
Polycystic kidney diseases can be seen.


Horseshoe kidney disease generally occurs during pregnancy when the baby is in the womb. This situation may occur in the baby in ultrasound images made for routine controls. In addition, another method used for diagnosis is kidney ultrasound.

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There is no cure for horseshoe kidney disease. However, the patient’s complaints can be prevented by treating the diseases caused by this condition. In addition, various measures can be taken to minimize the effects of this situation. These;

Water, which is the most important source of life, should be consumed in abundance in order for the kidneys to perform their functions.
Care should be taken to eat foods that are beneficial for the kidney.
Whole grain foods should definitely be on the diet list.
Alcohol and cigarettes should be completely removed from one’s life.
Sedentary life should be stopped and the rate of physical activity should be increased. For this, brisk walking should be done at least half an hour a day.
The condition of the horseshoe kidney should be followed up with periodic ultrasound controls.

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