Inhibits the proliferation of cancerous cells: What are the benefits of curry? What good is curry?

Curry sauce, which has been popular recently, is an indispensable flavor of Indian cuisine. It is frequently used especially in pasta, chicken and meat dishes. Curry, which is formed by the combination of many spice powders such as turmeric, tamarind, sumac and ginger, prevents the cells in the body from deforming. What are the benefits of curry?

Curry, one of the main spices of Southeast Asian cuisine, consists of a mixture of many spices such as turmeric, ginger and sumac. During the excavations, scientists discovered curry in the teeth of a skeleton in the 1300s. Curry spice, which has become popular in our country for the last 10 years, is used in chicken and pasta dishes. Curry, which has an intense taste, also has incredible benefits for human health. Studies have shown that curry, which enters the body, reduces tumor formation by clearing cells that tend to mutate within 24 hours. Curry, which removes toxins quickly, prevents liver and lung diseases.

  • Curry; It is a blend of cumin, sumac, pepper, turmeric, coriander, cardamom, ginger, nutmeg, tamarind and chili powder. At the same time, the powder of the leaf of the curry tree is added to the mixture. It gives its own color to the food it is used in.
  • Curry, which is a powerful antioxidant thanks to its contents, prevents the proliferation of cancerous cells.

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It is obtained by mixing cumin, sumac, pepper, turmeric, cloves, coriander, cardamom, ginger, tamarind, nutmeg, hot red pepper, curry leaves. The basic ingredients for the preparation of curry are sumac, turmeric and curry leaves. Curry leaves are obtained from curry trees. Curry with an aromatic smell and taste will have an aromatic taste. Curry tree is a species belonging to the citrus family. This leaf is beaten with lemon. Add in sumac and turmeric. It is beaten well and put in a bowl. It is used after a day or two after it is made into powder.


Curry is good for joint inflammations thanks to the thousands of spices it contains. In addition, it strengthens the memory of the brain by preventing Alzheimer’s and forgetfulness diseases that threaten advanced ages.

This spice, which contains both ginger and turmeric, provides one-to-one benefits for digestive diseases. Curry, which strengthens the stomach wall, heals diseases such as ulcers and reflux. Increases stomach functions. It strengthens the digestive system and prevents the occurrence of diseases. However, it is necessary to consult a consultant before consuming because it is prepared by combining powerful foods.

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Studies have shown that curry inhibits the proliferation of cancerous cells. It prevents common cancer diseases such as prostate and breast cancer. Since it is a very strong mixture, it protects the health of cells that are prone to mutation.

The most well-known feature is that it reduces the damage caused by smoking. Thanks to the crocin it contains, it removes harmful toxins in the lungs and throat through the urine. It is especially recommended for smokers.

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Since ancient times, this spice mix is ​​the most effective natural remedy used for liver regeneration. Since it increases the blood rate, it renews the functions of the body. In this way, the liver performs the functioning it needs.

Curry, which keeps you full for a long time, is the most ideal spice for those who want to lose weight. By accelerating the metabolism, it helps to burn the fat in the body quickly. However, experts underline that when consumed excessively, it can cause abdominal bloating and gas compression.

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Curry, which is a spice mix, is recommended to be consumed by adding it to water with meals in alternative medicine. Thus, it strengthens the immune system and increases the body’s energy.

It is also a very effective spice in relieving discomfort such as gas compression experienced after fatty and carbohydrate meals. Like any food, it’s good to overdo it.

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Curry is the secret of its beauty as well as adding flavor to the dishes. When mixed with olive oil and applied to the skin, it gives shine and vitality. In addition, curry, which can be made a mask for the hair, is also good for removing dandruff. In addition, it prevents the spread of throat infections when consumed by adding it to hot water. It strengthens muscles and bones.

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