Influenza symptoms are mixed with corona! What are the symptoms of influenza disease?

Influenza, a flu virus, appears suddenly. It continues with fever and respiratory ailments. However, the symptoms of influenza, which is a respiratory disease, are confused with the coronavirus. Experts warned against these symptoms that negatively affect the treatment process. So what are the symptoms of influenza disease? In the details of the news, you can find the ones who are curious about the influenza virus.

The influenza virus, which causes the death of 500 thousand people in the world, is the most dangerous of the flu. The influenza virus, which is life-threatening and potentially contagious, settles in the respiratory tract and reproduces here. It is more severe than other colds. People with weak immunity are less likely to get rid of this virus. The influenza virus, which is likely to be transmitted by air, appears suddenly with severe symptoms after the incubation period. This discomfort, which lasts longer than 2 weeks, invites chronic diseases. Avrasya Hospital Internal Medicine Specialist Op. Dr. Koray Cengiz reminded that he was confused because the symptoms of influenza and coronavirus were almost the same. He said that the Infleuza virus and increasing coroanvirus cases, especially seen in the winter months, were brought with the same symptoms. Influenza, which starts in October, continues until April. The virus that reaches the lungs is severe in some people. Although it looks just like the coronavirus, the two diseases have completely different factors.

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Internal Medicine Specialist Op. Dr. Koray Cengiz underlined that although the two viruses show the same symptoms, their severity and effects are different. Here are Cengiz’s warnings:

“Cold, flu and coranavirus are respiratory infections. Although the symptoms are similar, there are drastic differences between the processes. A cold can bring you down because it can cause fatigue. But the flu can make you shudder at the thought of getting out of bed. Complications during a cold are relatively “However, flu can cause a life-threatening disease such as pneumonia. Coranavirus shows closer symptoms with flu. If you have a persistent high fever and have difficulty breathing, you should apply to the nearest health institution for precautionary purposes.”


Kiss. Dr. Koray Cengiz emphasized that the mask, social distance and cleaning rules apply to others, except for the coronavirus. Stating that all kinds of viruses cause serious damage to immunity and respiration, Cengiz said that complications that occur while a person is experiencing these diseases may invite different diseases in the future. That’s why he warned that his rules should not continue in every area and period of our lives.


body temperature suddenly changes

Severe headache

Sore throat and dry cough

chest pain

Runny nose by increasing the rate of inflammation of the sinus canals


Fatigue and muscle aches

It manifests itself with symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea due to abdominal pain.


A specialist should be consulted as soon as symptoms appear. Otherwise, when the virus jumps to immunity, treatment becomes difficult. The specialist doctor, who recommends listening and drug therapy, recommends continuing the drug therapy in order to completely remove the virus from the body, despite the decrease in symptoms. In addition, the consumption of fruits and vegetables containing antioxidants should be increased in order to be eliminated from the body. Plenty of fluids should be consumed to reduce persistent fever. The patient should constantly change the bed and clothes. Antibiotics are not effective against this virus. Therefore, the drug should be used under the supervision of a specialist.

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Do not stay in public for a long time

Items belonging to others should not be used

Masks should be worn due to the increasing number of viruses during seasonal transitions.

Hands should be washed regularly

Warm water with lemon should always be consumed near people who are sick.

Environments should be ventilated constantly.

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