Influential vegan dietitians and entrepreneurs on Twitter

Veganism, which has recently risen, is a lifestyle that opposes the use of animal foods, clothing and all other by-products. The reason why it has been talked about so much in Turkey lately is the existence of newly burgeoning vegan entrepreneurs and dieticians. Some of the entrepreneurs are included in this trend because of the increasing demand for vegan foods and some of them adopting the concept of veganism. With the spread of veganism, which has many supporters from doctors to dietitians, from associations to restaurants, the field of communication is also expanding.

vegan beslenme vegan ogun

If you are an active Twitter user or use Twitter for information and news, you can get more information about veganism, In order to enable you to reach vegan products more easily, we have compiled Twitter accounts on veganism for you. Here are active vegan dietitians and entrepreneurs on Twitter:

1. Dietitian Kevser Başkara @ 2. Dr. Murat Kınıkoğlu @ 3. Dietitian Dilara Koçak @ 4. Vegan Turkey @ 5. Veg & Nature @ 6. Vegan Association Turkey @ 7. Vegan Guide @ 8. Vegan Grocery Store @ 9. Vegan World @ 10. Trakya Farm i @

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