Indigestion triggers sleep problems

Almost all of us have suffered from insomnia at some point in our lives. Well, how many of us have wondered why? “Comfortable digestion brings a comfortable sleep,” says dietitian Emre Uzun.

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Insomnia is a deficiency that directly affects people’s quality of life today. According to studies, one in 10 Americans today suffers from chronic insomnia, which means that at least 30 million Americans struggle with insomnia every year. The situation is not much different for Turkey. According to a report published last year, the ratio is the same: One out of every 10 citizens suffers from chronic insomnia, which means 8 million of our population is sleepless. Moreover, this number is increasing day by day… Moreover, we can no longer sleep not only because of stress, overtime, tension, too much tea or coffee, but also because of the functioning of our digestive system. So the claim is that indigestion does not make us sleep anymore! So how is he doing?

Dietitian Emre Uzun says that “it is necessary to look at the digestive system from a different perspective”. “This system starts in the mouth and ends in the anus. Its job is to absorb the good and discard the bad. Digestion is the whole of the organs and glands. So if your insomnia is caused by your digestive system or indigestion, it is useful to review your entire digestive system from head to toe,” he says.

Do not go to bed without cleaning your mouth and teeth

Going to bed with a clean mouth is the key to a deep sleep. In short, teeth will be brushed! This prevents your breath from smelling, your teeth from decaying… Even the health of your gums depends on it. A clean mouth also means a bacteria-free trachea, clean lungs, a clean circulatory system, and therefore clean blood circulating in all organs, especially the brain! Isn’t that a sufficient reason for sound sleep? By the way, grinding your teeth, twitching your jaw, waking up at night with a headache or high blood pressure are all signs that something is wrong!

Esophagus and stomach: Many people complain of heartburn, heartburn. It is also a state that steals your sleep. Intense movement of gastric fluid, incomplete closure of the lid in the mouth of the esophagus, gastric fluid being more acidic than normal, etc. this is the cause of burning or souring.

As well as going to bed with an empty stomach, getting up to sleep with a full stomach is also among the reasons. Because eating and being satiated is a reflexive action, and as soon as you take your first bite into your mouth, the secretions that help you digest come into play.

Sleeping with a full stomach means: The body tries to digest that food, it runs all its secretions, including gastric juices and salivary glands, but they go on the esophagus, where they are secreted because you are sleeping. You cannot swallow, drink water and clean their acidic structures. Especially if you are lying down, you can get coughing fits. What makes you cough is the overworking of your salivary secretions. Your body runs your salivary glands against toxins, viruses and bacteria and traps these “harmful” formations in saliva. Smoking, food allergies, environmental allergies, viral or bacterial infections also increase salivation. And it causes you to snore and water to flow from your mouth. Here is another reason for poor quality sleep…

Small and large intestines: The part of digestion in the intestines is also related to sleep. Remember when you had diarrhea or constipation…

Allergic reactions: Many people have an allergic reaction to just about anything they eat. This indicates leaky gut syndrome. It is estimated that there are millions of people suffering from this problem today. And of course they all suffer from insomnia.

Other causes: Nutritional deficiencies, drug and alcohol use, presence of intestinal parasites etc. causes also mean greater sensitivity in digestion and more immune system response. Inflammation in the intestines increases, intestinal health deteriorates. Of course, sleep patterns are also disrupted.

Liver: Our liver is perhaps the most tiring organ of our entire digestive system because it not only provides digestion, but also defends the body against environmental wastes, poisons, heavy metals, the stress of the age you live in, and air pollution. The fact that this tired warrior hardly gets any rest is one of the factors that impairs sleep quality…”

Measures to be taken against insomnia caused by digestion

Dietitian Emre Uzun, “The measures to be taken are simple: You will not eat anything after a certain time in the evening. You will not drink stimulant beverages such as coffee, tea, carbonated and sugary cans. The room you sleep in will not face the lights, the road, the noise. Apart from kefir, milk, and ayran, you can also drink herbal teas such as valerian, linden, lemon balm, chamomile, anise, which are known to relax the nerves and give sleep.

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