Increase your mental activity against Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease, which is among the diseases that significantly reduce the quality and duration of life, is seen in approximately 30 million people in the world. Approximately 600 thousand of these patients are in Turkey.

alzheimer erken uyari sistemi beynex unutkanlik demans

If a cure for Alzheimer’s, the frequency of which is increasing day by day, cannot be found, it is estimated that the number of people who do not remember anything in the future will exceed the number of healthy individuals.

Many scientific studies in recent years prove that mental activities are protective against Alzheimer’s. With this in mind, the Beynex Alzheimer’s early warning system , which was implemented for the first time in Turkey, not only monitors the risks of the person, such as the ‘Alzheimer alarm’, but also helps to protect against Alzheimer’s with the mental exercises it offers .

prof dr turker sahiner beynex alzheimerMemorial Şişli Hospital, Department of Neurology Prof. Dr. Türker Şahiner, Before September 21, World Alzheimer’s Day Alzheimer’s is not forgetfulness, it is loss of ability of the brain

It can be seen at any age after the age of 40, but can be seen at any age after the age of 60 In Alzheimer’s, the incidence of which increases after the age of 50, , those in the Alzheimer’s risk group are listed as follows:

  • In the family at an early age; Those who have Alzheimer’s disease in their 40s or 50s
  • Those who live a quiet life at a very early age; early retirees
  • Those who eat a diet containing high cholesterol
  • Those at high risk of cerebrovascular disease
  • Those who have frequent minor head injuries

Common in the community Alzheimer’s as a thought is perceived only as forgetfulness. Whereas Alzheimer’s means that the brain loses its abilities . If

Alzheimer’s is considered like a fire, this loss of ability is where the spark starts. Sometimes emotional memory may be damaged, sometimes visual memory may be damaged, sometimes the ability to locate in space, that is to find addresses, may be lost, and sometimes the ability to speak or write may be lost.

In Alzheimer’s, damage can start from any part of the brain . But Alzheimer’s favorite region is the hippocampus, the center of near memory. The hippocampus is the part of recent, temporary memory where information learned for the first time is discarded before it is repeated. If the information sent to this center is repeated, it is transferred to the permanent memory, if it is not repeated, it is deleted from the nearby memory center after a certain period of time as new information is added. When this center is damaged, the information that is intended to be stored in the permanent memory cannot be used. When the information is repeated, it creates the feeling of being learned for the first time.

Do not compromise your sleep for your brain health

uyku yaz aylarinda migren ataklarini onleme yollari 04 The reason for Alzheimer’s formation is the proteins called amyloid beta accumulated in the brain. Although amyloid beta is an essential protein for learning, the brain must process this protein and make it ready for use by breaking it down again. This process takes place during sleep. People who don’t get enough sleep have an increased accumulation of amyloid beta in their brains. Therefore, people who sleep less are at higher risk of Alzheimer’s. However, this does not mean that sleeping too much is good for Alzheimer’s. The accumulation of this protein can also be seen in brain MRI scans, so that future Alzheimer’s risks of people can be predicted.

The more social and active a person leads, the later he is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s cannot be prevented, but it can be delayed. Keeping the brain active is the most important factor.

If you say ‘I forget’, test your memory with BEYNEX

Another factor as important as sleep for Alzheimer’s is mental exercises. Many scientific studies in recent years show that various mental exercises and memory games play an effective role in delaying Alzheimer’s disease and preventing Alzheimer’s.

An example of early warning systems and mental exercise programs , which are increasing in number in the world, are also used in Turkey.

alzheimer demans unutkanlik zihinsel aktivite

Beynex is a free online program that acts as an alarm for anyone concerned about the progression of their forgetfulness, while also offering a variety of mental exercises for those who want to keep their memory alive. The most important difference from the examples in the world is that the patient records the mental exercises he has solved, measures the risk level and reports this to the patient regularly.

Regular visits to the hospital are difficult and costly. Beynex provides the opportunity to check Alzheimer’s development at the computer without leaving home. When the program notices a regression in the patient’s memory as a result of routine exercises, it gives a ‘Consult your doctor’ warning. People who enter the system with the password and username given to them can benefit from the exercises that delay their diseases free of charge while testing their forgetfulness. While the activities that take 15-20 minutes a day are required to be repeated 5 days a week, the simplicity of the program makes it easy to use even by illiterate people.

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