Inactivity invites urinary incontinence problems!

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Expressing that different diseases come to the fore as human life spans, President of Continence Association Prof. Dr. Tufan Tarcan said, “Neurological diseases (Dementia, Alzheimer’s) come first among these different diseases. The risk of atherosclerosis increases with age. Thromboembolic events may occur due to atherosclerosis. When these go to the brain, dysfunction occurs in the organs controlled by the brain. Bladder dysfunction is also one of the most common problems we see.” he said.

“It’s important to do age-appropriate sports”

Stating that we should aim at healthy aging as human lifespan is prolonged, Prof. Dr. Tufan Tarcan said, “One of the most important criteria of healthy aging is to stay away from cardiovascular risk factors (hypertension, tobacco use, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, obesity, sedentary life, depression). It is also very important to do age-appropriate sports. Because as we age, muscle and connective tissue weakness occurs. It is very important to protect this structure, especially for the urinary tract.” said.

Adding the problem of constipation to the risk factors, Prof. Dr. Tufan Tarcan, “Straining due to constipation causes pelvic organ sagging and some additional urinary problems, especially in women. Another risk factor is COPD. With frequent coughs and increased intra-abdominal pressure due to these coughs, the pelvic floor may deteriorate.” said.

Men from the age of 50 should see a urologist once a year.

Pointing out that urinary problems increase with aging, but not all of them are due to the same reason, President of Continence Association Prof. Dr. Tufan Tarcan, “One of the urinary problems that occurs with age in men is prostate enlargement. Men from the age of 50 should go to a urologist once a year and be examined. Sometimes problems related to prostate enlargement progress very slowly. When the patient realizes these late, treatments for the prostate may not work. Acting early is very important. In addition, neurological diseases can cause urination problems in aging men.” he said.

Stating that problems occur in the pelvic floor and connective tissue structure in women due to aging, Prof. Dr. Tufan Tarcan, “Vaginal births are an important risk factor. Excess weight, pregnancy, hormonal changes after menopause are all factors that affect urinary incontinence. Vascular risk factor and obesity are also very important. Excess weight should be avoided. We must lead an active life. Inactivity with aging is the most difficult issue for us to deal with. We need to know that when there is inactivity, we invite many problems with the urine.” made a statement.

Underlining that coffee and tea consumption directly stimulates the bladder, Prof. Dr. Tufan Tarcan, “The incidence of overactive bladder increases with aging. Patients who go to the toilet frequently and have overactive bladder problems should pay special attention to their coffee and tea consumption. There are also bladder-stimulating substances in herbal teas.” said.

Noting that dinner should be eaten lightly, Prof. Dr. Tufan Tarcan continued: “Be careful about consuming liquids, sweets and fruits until bedtime. The number of people getting up to urinate at night increases in both men and women. The most important reason for this is the increased amount of urine at night. This can occur with an unbalanced diet, but also with heart and vascular failure. We recommend these patients not to eat or drink anything in the evening unless it is necessary. Nocturnal urinary incontinence should also be considered. Fruits-desserts and teas drunk after the family dinner are very important. All of these increase the amount of urinary incontinence, they should definitely be avoided.”

We recommend diapers and bladder pads to our patients.

Reminding that getting up to urinate at night disrupts the quality of sleep and life, Prof. Dr. Tufan Tarcan said, “Getting up to urinate at night leaves the person tired and sluggish, reducing his daily performance. Especially in elderly patients, as the number of urination increases at night, falls while going to the toilet and hip fractures increase accordingly. The most important way to reduce the fractures that occur in this old age is to reduce the number of urination. Our patients with mental illness or who are bedridden and have difficulty walking are protected from the side effects of urinary incontinence with the help of hygienic pads. We especially recommend patient diapers and bladder pads to this patient group.” he said.

List the medications you use and always tell your doctor

Expressing that they do not recommend excessive alcohol-cigarette consumption and that they know that alcohol taken in the evening is harmful when getting up to urinate at night, Prof. Dr. Tufan Tarcan continued his words as follows: “The drugs used in old age can have an effect on the bladder. Many drugs used have bladder-stimulating effects. You may experience bladder contraction difficulties, frequent urination and sudden urgency. When elderly patients apply to us, the first thing we do is to check the drugs they use. Always write down your medications on a list when you go to the doctor. When you tell the medicines you use incompletely, the doctor may prescribe you a medicine that should not be given together with the medicine you use. You may face too many side effects this time. It is very important for the urologist to know the drugs you use due to drug interactions.”

Prof. Stating that they have witnessed that 1/3 of the patients with excess weight lose their urinary incontinence problem spontaneously when they go down to normal weight. Dr. Tufan Tarcan said, “The first thing we tell our patients with overweight urinary incontinence is that they lose weight. If you lose weight, your urinary incontinence problem may disappear completely or its severity may decrease. At the same time, the success of the surgery decreases when the patients who are planned for surgical treatment are overweight. said.

Urinary incontinence is not your inevitable destiny!

Expressing that there is a cure for urinary incontinence in old age, Prof. Dr. Tufan Tarcan concluded his words as follows: “There is no such thing as incontinence is our inevitable destiny. Many patients do not consult a physician despite urinary incontinence. Because he sees it as a natural consequence of aging. There is a solution for urinary incontinence for mentally healthy patients who are not physically bedridden. Urinary incontinence affects social and business life negatively, as well as accelerating aging. Urinary incontinence is a factor that ages the patient more quickly if left untreated. A person with urinary incontinence should definitely see a urologist. The underlying causes can be very different. It is up to the urologist to realize this. There may also be very important vital diseases underlying them. For example, fluid retention in the brain or Parkinson’s is sometimes first diagnosed with urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence should definitely not be underestimated.” said.

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