If you want to change the visible, first change the invisible

What emotions are you experiencing today? Happy, sad, angry, worried… It’s easy to remember your feelings from the last 24 hours. What about yesterday or last Friday? It gets harder to remember!

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Emotions affect us every minute and every second. When you’re anxious at work, you’re more likely to make mistakes and it’s harder to come up with new ideas. When you are angry for unknown reasons, you lose motivation and want to go to bed doing nothing. When you are angry with someone, you unconsciously act angry with others. If you lose track of emotions, you will never know their cause and therefore you will never find a way to solve problems and improve the situation.

Emotions should be approached like money.

People care a lot about value for money, but they can underestimate their emotions and how it affects them. When we have less money than we would like, we automatically adjust our spending and track where it goes and how much we spend. We adapt our spending habits accordingly. In other words, if someone doesn’t follow it, there is no way to fix it and improve it. This is how emotions should be approached. By placing the same emphasis on how we feel, by increasing awareness, we can be better tuned to identify and handle emotions in a more positive way.

Awarenesses to be applied every day

– Make the connection between general feelings, events and events on any given day. You will notice that it fluctuates. This is completely normal. It can be difficult to control events and how we react to them, so it’s important to show yourself some understanding.

– It is impossible to maintain a necessarily happy mood, so do not put pressure on yourself to constantly feel positive emotions.

– Once you start watching your stories and the events of the day, you can start to see the connections between them. Reviewing your emotions means seeing what makes you happy, anxious, or sad.

“If you want to change the visible, change the invisible first.”

You will find that taking care of your invisible emotions actually means taking care of every aspect of your life.

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