If you stink of things that turn women off from sex…

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There have been times when every woman has used various excuses to avoid sex. So why do women feel sexual reluctance? What are the reasons that turn women away from sexuality? We have brought together 8 behaviors of men that cause women to turn away from sexuality. Be sure to know these to revive your relationship…

To smell bad!

Men’s bad smell and not paying enough attention to cleanliness are among the reasons that alienate women from sexuality. For some reason, some men don’t like water. He does not brush his teeth, does not wash, does not change his clothes. Then he compels the woman to smell the smell of his body and breath! The woman who cannot tolerate these smells avoids making love.

Getting to the point now

One of the mistakes that men make in sexuality is to get straight to the point and to be hasty. However, the first thing a woman needs is to be touched, caressed and loved. When this does not happen, the woman may feel reluctant.

To pressure STH

Both men and women have separate worlds. If the man tries to impose his perception of the world on the woman by suppressing it, the two worlds collide in the end. In addition to understanding the nature of women, men need to accept that everyone has their own story and perceives the world differently. If the pressure persists, the woman will certainly reveal her psychological response and may cool off over time.

displaying careless behavior

The change in the gentle, mild and affectionate attitudes of men towards women during dating periods, and the fact that he does not show interest and care towards women as before, is like a shortcut to losing a woman. As in everything else, stability is important in relationships. Therefore, regardless of the duration and conditions of the relationship, both men and women have to keep mutual interest and respect alive.


Selfishness is a human need. However, excessive selfishness, the behavior of placing himself at the center of every phenomenon is a troubling attitude. Especially when there is a character like a woman who has a natural desire to be the center of attention and is dominated by emotionality, the desire of a man to place himself in the center by force can eventually bring about negativities.

not having sex for a long time

Staying away from sex and sexual stimuli for a long time can reduce sexual desire. If the sexual relationship is always the same, stable and devoid of fantasy, the couple may drift apart over time. For this reason, men should touch their wives and do erotic massage even if they don’t want to. This doesn’t necessarily mean they will have sex, but it does keep the woman from cooling off.

Continuing behavior that the woman does not want

If there is disagreement in marriage or relationship, it can bring along sexual problems. Especially insisting on behaviors that the woman does not want makes the woman angry and the angry woman may become alienated from her husband over time.

Don’t like a woman’s body

Women care a lot about how their body looks. Women who do not like their bodies perceive their partner’s point of view as their own. For this reason, when the man does not compliment and cannot make his partner feel that he likes and desires, the woman loses her self-confidence over time and may become sexually cold.

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