If you eat curd cheese instead of regular cheese in sahur…

Experts underline that the foods consumed in sahur, which is an important meal in Ramadan, are important for the body’s resistance throughout the day. Curd cheese is often recommended for the choice of cheese consumed in sahur, which should be considered as breakfast. If you eat curd cheese instead of regular cheese in sahur…

One of the cheese varieties that is a complete source of calcium and protein is curd cheese. Curd cheese produced from milk is often preferred in pastries in kitchens. However, experts recommend curd cheese instead of regular cheese in sahur during Ramadan. Because curd cheese is less fatty and salty than other types of cheese. They are clots that come out by boiling the bottom whey that comes out while producing curd cheese. In this way, it contains all the vitamins and minerals more than other cheeses.

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  • The body stays hungry and thirsty for a long time from sahur to iftar. Meanwhile, it uses the stored vitamins and minerals. The immune system also becomes stronger this way. Resistance does not drop. Curd cheese is also a useful food for the body to fill this storage system.


  • Curd cheese, which has the most protein among milk and dairy products, meets the needs of bones and muscles during fasting when consumed in sahur. It supports their empowerment. Thus, fatigue due to body pain does not occur.

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  • Curd cheese, which is rich in antioxidants, provides rapid regeneration of cells. It supports healthier regeneration of body cells that are resting during hunger and thirst.
  • Curd cheese, which contains serum protein, is necessary for keeping fit and at the same time maintaining weight.
  • It relaxes the digestive system. It makes the intestines work faster. Curd cheese prevents the tiredness that can be experienced the next day, as well as bad breath due to the stomach.
  • Since it keeps you full for a long time, experts definitely prefer it instead of regular cheese.

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