How to understand that there is a problem in the intestines, if your hair is falling out…

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Intestinal diseases are disorders that occur in functions such as stomach and intestines and cause problems in our body. Some symptoms that your body shows, such as hair loss, weight loss, skin problems, may indicate intestinal problems. We have listed the 7 signs that indicate a problem in the intestines for you!

constant urge to eat

When there is a problem with the intestines, similar to food intolerance, our intestines cannot process the food we eat and can cause an imbalance. This imbalance can lead to increased cravings for unhealthy food group sugars and fats, which can have even more detrimental consequences for your gut health.

If you experience significant hair loss

Although hair loss is usually caused by stress, it may be due to your gut. Scientists have discovered that our gut may also be responsible for thinning and falling out of our hair. This is because our intestines are responsible for producing vitamin B7 or biotin, which prevents hair loss and skin disease.

If your weight fluctuates

If you’re one of those people who struggle with weight and try multiple diet and fitness regimens with no results, you may need to reexamine your body. One of the reasons for weight gain and weight loss that people don’t really talk about is attributed to your gut health.

You suddenly become sensitive to certain foods

The digestive system is responsible for breaking down food and removing toxins from the things we eat. When our gut is sick, the body cannot properly eliminate food toxins, causing us to react to certain foods and gain food intolerances. Symptoms of food intolerance manifest as nausea, stomach aches, flatulence, cramps, and diarrhea, among others.

skin problems

Our gut is the first line of defense when it comes to fighting disease in our bodies. Stomach and acid enzymes not only break down our food, but also clean and sanitize it to prevent infections from turning into sickness.

sleep problems

We need a hormone called serotonin to sleep well. Also known as the “happiness hormone,” serotonin is a chemical that helps our bodies regulate our mood and sleep patterns. Without a properly functioning gut, we may have trouble falling asleep, making it easier for us to get sick by causing insomnia and eventually weakening of the immune system.

Going to the toilet frequently

Due to an unhealthy gut’s inability to process food properly, we may find ourselves going to the bathroom more often with an upset stomach. Besides diarrhea, other symptoms such as bloating and gas, or heartburn and constipation can provide information about the condition of your gut.

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