How to treat heel spurs, get rid of this problem with physical therapy!

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Do you know what a heel spur is? This situation, which women face more often, is quite annoying. Although it negatively affects the quality of life, it also causes serious health problems if not treated. So what is a heel spur? What are the symptoms of heel spurs? How is heel spur treated? Here you can find the answers to all the questions you are wondering about on

What causes heel spurs?

Bun spurs, which are generally referred to by patients as stab wounds, occur due to hard-soled and long-used shoes. Apart from this, there are many reasons for the emergence of heel spurs. These; Factors such as gait disorders that will deform the nerves in the foot, pressing on hard surfaces for a long time, being overweight enough to put pressure on the feet and ankles, shoes with uncomfortable soles without arch support, standing for a long time, doing wrong foot exercises are among the causes of heel spurs.

What are the symptoms of heel spur?

Heel spurs have many symptoms. These are; Severe pain in the soles and ankles of the feet in the morning, feeling of stinging while walking, frequent burning complaints in the heel, pain in the bones up to the knees,

How is it treated?

After the above-mentioned symptoms show themselves, the most basic thing to do is to consult an orthopedic doctor. The doctor will take X-rays to see if the condition is serious. Neural therapy is performed to restore the loss of sensation experienced due to severe damage to the nerves by the bone. In this therapy, local anesthetic injections are made into thinned areas of the neural network. Proliferant solution is then injected to heal the damaged tissues. At the end of the treatment, physical therapy is applied and the treatment is completed.

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