How to stop cough instantly? What to do for cough at home? What is good for a cough that keeps at night?

Cough, which is among the symptoms of various diseases, is one of the diseases that reduce the quality of life. Dry or phlegmatic cough brings along breathing problems. In some patients, it can start suddenly, even at night. You can eliminate this health problem naturally at home. How to stop cough instantly? What to do for cough at home? What is good for a cough that keeps at night?

Cough is one of the symptoms that the body activates as a reflex due to various health problems seen in the defense mechanism. It is especially experienced during throat infections. As its continuity continues, swelling occurs in the throat. Decreased moisture in the mucous membranes in the throat or, on the contrary, increased humidity changes the severity of the cough. If not treated early, it becomes one of the long-lasting ailments. When this becomes permanent, it becomes almost difficult to treat. Symptomatically, it becomes one of the reflexes that the body makes habitually. Cough is not a condition that distinguishes between age and gender. However, it is more common in people who smoke. Appears due to lung damage.

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Drink plenty of water to stop coughing


  • Regular water consumption balances the moisture content of the mucous membranes in the throat. However, it is beneficial to sit while consuming water. When consumed standing up, it can cause irritation of the throat again when it distorts in the trachea.
  • Warm water with lemon reduces the infection rate in the throat and makes the throat more comfortable. In addition, the air inhaled while boiling water with lemon also relaxes the throat tract. The reason for the persistence of the cough is related to the irritation of the area. Antibacterial strong lemon is effective to reduce the damage.
  • Not only by consuming something, but also a mixture of horse chestnut cream or peppermint tea tree oil applied to the throat area activates the sweat glands in the throat area and provides clarification of the pores. This also reduces coughing. It softens the throat.


It is beneficial to have chestnut honey in the house of a person who has frequent cough problems. However, it is necessary to pay attention to whether there is a chestnut allergy. Chestnut honey cuts dry cough instantly. Add a tablespoon of chestnut honey to a glass of boiling water and mix. If you wish, add a little black pepper with the tip of a teaspoon and mix. After waiting for 5 minutes, drink the mixture in sips.

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natural mixture that ends cough at home

WHAT IS GOOD FOR A Cough That Holds At Night?

For night-time coughing that turns sleep into nightmares, first get up from where you are and go out to a window or balcony. Try to breathe deeply. Then calm your throat by drinking sips of water. Because the cough that starts suddenly progresses by causing a nervous disorder of the person. This accelerates blood flow and disrupts the heart rhythm. The person cannot both cough and control the heartbeat. That’s why deep breathing is the first rule. Next, put a pot of water, mint, tea tree oil and salt and bring it to a boil. Inhale the boiling steam not only through your nose but also through your mouth. It provides relief from the mouth to the sinuses and then to the throat and lungs. Before you go back to sleep, apply horse chestnut cream to your chest and place a warm towel over it. Also, don’t forget to always have a salt lamp or an air purifier in your room.

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