How to prevent tooth decay if you eat a slice of cheese after dessert…

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If you do not give enough importance to your oral and dental health, your tooth loss is imminent. This is inevitable especially for those who do not care enough about dental care and who do not brush their teeth after excessive consumption of sugary foods. So how to prevent tooth decay? What should we do to prevent tooth decay? Here are the answers to these questions you are wondering about on


Even if it does not cause serious problems, tooth loss, which affects the person in appearance, causes bad breath and inflammation after a while. Therefore, it is beneficial to take care of oral and dental health. Experts warn! Brushing alone is not enough to prevent tooth decay. A salt water gargle is also required. Foods such as cheese and plums are among the foods that prevent tooth decay. Especially cheese is one-to-one against tooth decay. Thanks to the calcium in it, it strengthens the roots of the teeth and prevents decay. For this reason, consuming even a slice of cheese after dessert will be very beneficial for your dental health and will prevent problems such as decay.

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