How to prevent ingrown nails Don’t cut your nails too short!

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Ingrown nails are one of the most common health problems. It usually causes redness and pain. The person who has the problem of ingrown nails becomes difficult to wear even the shoes if this problem progresses. Their feet are inflamed and their socks are often contaminated due to this inflammation. So how to prevent ingrown toenails? All those who are curious about ingrown nails and treatment methods, from the Dermatology Department, Uz. Dr. We learned from Seda Erdogan!

Improper shoes cause ingrown nails

Ingrown nail is the extension of the skin to the side or inward. Ingrown toenails are a common ailment of the thumb. Very rarely, stinging is seen in the fingernails. Ingrown toenails can be inflammatory or non-inflammatory. Improper shoe selection is one of the main causes of ingrown toenails.

Don’t cut your nails too short

There are some rules that you should pay attention to to prevent ingrown nails. Some of these are those; Don’t cut your nails too short. Take care not to leave the corners of your nails in the form of vertical corners. Cut into half moons. Avoid narrow and pointed toe and high heels. Walk barefoot at home.

Consult a doctor in severe pain

Ingrown toenails are a condition that can be treated at home. However, if the pain becomes severe or spreads, you may need to see a specialist. At home, after applying a hot water bath to the ingrown nail, slightly ingrown nail is lifted with the help of tweezers and cotton is placed between the nail and the flesh. With this method, it is ensured that the nail grows outwards, not towards the inside of the meat, and the problem of ingrown nails is eliminated.

try to keep your feet dry

Until this problem goes away, you should prefer to wear shoes and slippers that leave your feet open for a while. Prefer cotton socks and be careful not to wear your socks more than once. If you have circulation problems in your feet or you can’t cut your own nails, opt for a pedicure in a safe place. If you have an ingrowing, ingrown nail that lasts for several weeks, you should definitely see a specialist.

There may be permanent nail disorders

If an ingrown nail causes severe pain, you should definitely consult a specialist. Applications made unconsciously by people who are not doctors may cause the nail problem to not heal completely and cause inflammation, and may result in permanent nail disorders. The treatment varies according to the condition of the nail ingrown. Conservative treatments in the early stage and surgical methods in the advanced stage can be preferred.

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