How to prepare molasses and lemon mixture? What is the benefit of molasses and lemon mixture?

In order to spend the winter months healthy, we have searched for you a mixture of two foods that have been consumed in Anatolia for centuries. The molasses and lemon couple, which most people will hear for the first time, is almost a virus’s nightmare. What is curious about this duo, which renews the body from the nervous to the digestive system, is in the details. What are the benefits of molasses and lemon mixture?

Due to different types of viruses, serious health problems have arisen around the world for years. Experts state that the most basic measure to avoid such health problems is nutrition. Experts often underline natural nutrition, as chemicals in drugs can cause different problems after a long time. Molasses and lemon, one of the famous mixtures in some alternative medicine known for a century, thus became popular again. Almost everyone knows that the molasses and black pepper duo clears the throat and is good for dry cough. However, most people do not know the benefits of molasses and lemon for the body.

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When the vitamin C it contains in lemon is combined with molasses, it provides the vitamins that the body needs.


Any type of molasses you want: put 2 tablespoons of dur, grape, carob or black mulberry into a coffee pot, pour half a glass of water over it and mix. Then add the freshly squeezed juice of half a lemon and bring it to a boil. After this mixture that you take from the stove is slightly warmed, drink this application by consuming a glass in the morning and evening for 7 days without a break. However, those who use chronic medication should consult their doctor first.

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molasses lemon mixture cleanses the body


  • The biggest benefit is that it ends anemia. Especially the mixture made from grape molasses supports increasing the number of blood cells in the blood.
  • This mixture, which renews and strengthens immunity against flu diseases, when consumed regularly, neutralizes viruses in the body and ensures that they are removed from the body.
  • When two glasses are consumed a day, it meets the sweet rate the body needs. Thus, it becomes the ideal mixture for those who want to lose weight.
  • It is like a medicine for itching and coughs increasing in the throat due to diseases. It provides a comfortable breathing by cutting it instantly.
  • It increases energy throughout the day by renewing the cells in the nervous system. This mixture, which increases the quality of life, causes a comfortable sleep at night.

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