How to get rid of acne on the back, nylon and polyester clothes can cause!

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Pimples on the back can be painful as well as annoying. Although rare, acne on the back, which can occur frequently during periods when the body produces excess oil, can also be a harbinger of some diseases. Here are the causes and solutions of acne on the back …

Causes of acne on the back

menstrual period

-People with menstrual periods or hormonal problems may have acne on the back. Especially when the menstrual period of many women approaches or during the menstrual period, acne formation is observed in the back area. However, this is all about hormonal changes.

genetic factors

-It can originate from the family. So how does this happen? If you have such complaints in your family, it may be related to the predisposition to the possibility of seeing it in you. If the same complaints are high in your family, this may be a sign that you are also more likely to have it.

Nylon and polyester garments

-It may be related to the clothes you wear in your daily life. If the clothes you wear constantly are made of nylon or polyester fabrics, it may cause acne on your back. In the same way, one of the reasons that paves the way for the formation of acne can be constantly wearing tight clothes. Tight clothes that stick on you can cause acne breakouts by causing you to curdle quickly. That’s why you need to take care to choose clothes that are not too sticky to your body.

To get rid of back acne…

One of the most important factors triggering acne is stress. Produce solutions to reduce stress by trying to remove the elements that make you difficult and stressful in your daily life as soon as possible.

– Stay away from oily and sugary foods to avoid acne formation! Make a habit of consuming foods such as fruits and vegetables by eating healthy to prevent acne formation.

– Before going to sleep at night, apply acne drying creams on your back and do not forget to wash your skin in power. Make sure to exfoliate your back once a week to open up your clogged pores.

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