How to exercise in cold weather?

Cold weather, gray clouds and less sun exposure create negative effects on our body, such as a feeling of fatigue. The most powerful weapon to deal with winter fatigue is exercise.

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So, what should you pay attention to when doing sports in cold weather in winter?

Choosing clothes
Instead of a thick single layer of clothing while doing sports, it will control the humidity of the body in the innermost and protect it from wind, rain and snow in the outermost. Prefer to wear more clothes and socks.

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Prefer daylight for exercise or sports
When it gets dark, the brain gives the command to secrete the sleep-inducing chemical melatonin. Normally, this hormone, which determines the biological clock and is secreted between 23:00 and 05:00, is secreted in the earlier hours as a mistake of our brain, which misunderstands that the weather is closed and early dark in winter.
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Set goals for yourself
Low light and cold weather can increase your tendency to sleep and be lazy. Don’t be fooled by your brain. Set yourself attainable and motivating goals for the winter months.

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If you are tired of walking and standard exercises, skiing, the most beautiful sport of winter months, may be a different activity for you. But don’t forget to train before skiing.

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Furnish a corner of your house for exercise
Exercise bands can be used with cheap and simple equipment such as a mat and a pilates ball on which you can perform your pilates movements, or simply You can turn a corner of your home into an attractive gym for exercises you can do using your body weight.

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Use the stairs
Use the stairs instead of the escalators and elevators in an apartment, business or shopping center. Going up and down stairs for at least 5 minutes a day will make you physically active.

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You can go to the pool
You can choose in-water activities. If you say you can’t exercise at home, it’s cold outside and you want to socialize, start by identifying the pools in your city. On cold winter days, you can do activities such as swimming, in-water aerobics, in-water jogging in pools with determined ambient and water temperature.

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Walk at every opportunity
If you can’t do anything, walk even in closed places like shopping malls. If you need someone to walk or move around, join walking groups or set up a walking group of friends and family yourself.

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