How to eliminate the burnout syndrome, pay attention to these!

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According to research, the remote working method, which many companies have permanently adopted during the pandemic process, causes a feeling of burnout in employees. Leader Coach Fatih Elibol pointed out the support of professional coaches to solve this situation, which 67 percent of male employees and 70 percent of female employees suffer.”

The coronavirus epidemic, which has affected the whole world since the beginning of 2020, which we left behind, caused the balances to change, especially in professional life. The remote working method, which was preferred by some companies before the pandemic, has now become permanent for many companies. According to a survey conducted on more than 16 thousand people working from home during the pandemic, 68 percent of the participants were found to struggle with the feeling of burnout in this process. It was noted that this rate was 67 percent for male employees and 70 percent for female employees. Among the reasons for the feeling of burnout in remote workers, there are reasons such as the difficulty in separating private life and work life, especially in employees with children, inability to spare enough time for individual activities, sometimes requiring online meetings to be in front of the camera all day, uncertainties, inability to live habits, adaptation problems and fear of losing. took.


Eliminating burnout requires managers to understand what their employees need. This is only possible by establishing a healthy communication with its employees. Coaching is the biggest help at this point. This support raises questions from career managers to young people who have just started their careers, and anyone who focuses on personal development, what they need to realize in order to improve their professional and individual quality of life. It enables personnel at all levels working in companies to make all business processes value-added, and brings together the corporate vision and the business vision of the employees at a common point. In other words, although individuals have come a long way in their lives, the changing conditions of life force individuals to change constantly, as we witnessed during the pandemic process. A coach’s approach within the scope of his professional knowledge and skills helps to increase the awareness of individuals about how to set future goals in their renewed lives.


In the sessions, we proceed with the motto of “Recognize, Perceive, Dominate, Succeed!” and help the participants to realize their own potential by making them aware of themselves and opening their perceptions. Thus, we enable them to analyze their environment, strengthen their communication skills and achieve conscious success in every field. With the effect of the pandemic process in Turkey, we see that it is more important and the need is increasing.


I recommend those who want to get support from coaches to work with accredited coaches approved by the International Coaching Federation ICF, and if they are going to start their coaching training, they should turn to ICF-approved accredited trainings. ICF is the organization that leads the realization of coaching activities within certain ethical values ​​and rules. The main purpose of the organization is to implement coaching in a sustainable way in the global arena and to ensure that this process is related to ethical, social and human values. The ICF’s process of naming coaches is also based on these criteria. Otherwise, the benefit of the coaching process to the individuals being coached becomes controversial. Today, there are 12,202 ACC, 10,251 PCC, 1187 MCC coaches in the world. Of these 276 Turkish coaches, 103 have ACC, 140 PCC and 33 MCC titles. As of January 8, 2021, I am happy to have crowned my 21 years in my profession with the 33rd MCC title in the world. As a Turkish coach with the title of MCC, I continue my activities and accompany individuals on their journey of self-discovery.

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