How to do closed herniated disc surgery, get rid of it in 45 minutes!

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Hernia, one of the most common diseases among the people, negatively affects the daily life of individuals. Bayındır Health Group, one of the group companies of Türkiye İş Bankası, which says that 90 percent of the open lumbar hernia surgeries currently performed can be resolved in a short time with the fully closed lumbar hernia technique, Bayındır Söğütözü Hospital Orthopedics and Traumatology Department Head Assoc. Dr. Oğuz Okan Karaeminoğulları, “Open lumbar hernia surgery is not the only solution for lumbar hernia. With painless and painless fully closed hernia surgery, which minimizes the risk of adhesion and infection compared to traditional surgeries for herniated disc, patients can stand up and walk again on the same day after the operation, which takes 45 minutes.said.

One of today’s common health problems is herniated disc. This disorder, which can occur in every age group, regardless of the young and old, can be challenging during daily activities. Fully closed hernia surgery, which is an innovative surgical method used in the treatment of lumbar hernia, eliminates all complaints. In fully closed lumbar hernia surgery, which has been successfully applied in America, Germany and Korea for years, unlike other open surgery applications, the entrance to the spine is made from the side of the body, not from the back. During the closed surgery performed with only a 0.5 cm incision, the problematic disc is detected by moving through the natural anatomical spaces of the body with the camera. The unhealthy disc is marked with a special dye called Indigo Carmin. Thus, the healthy disc is preserved. The surgery, which is performed without damaging any tissue, also minimizes the risk of encountering problems such as infection and adhesions.


Stating that the aim of the surgical treatment of herniated disc is to remove the herniated part of the disc, Bayındır Health Group, one of the group companies of Türkiye İş Bankası, Bayındır Söğütözü Hospital Orthopedics and Traumatology Department Head Assoc. Dr. Oğuz Okan Karaeminoğulları said, “In classical and microscopic surgery, some damage can be done to the muscle, bone and connective tissues to reach the hernia. Although very good results are obtained with microscopic surgery, problems such as a long recovery period, adhesions in the spinal cord, recurrence of hernia, lumbar slippage and infection that may develop in the future arise from these damaged tissues. As a method to minimize these problems, we come across full-closed herniated disc surgery. This method is a ray of hope for our patients who cannot get rid of their hernia pain and who are afraid of open surgeries with the risk of infection and adhesions.”


Assoc. Dr. Oğuz Okan Karaeminoğulları gave the following information about fully closed hernia: “Since the operation is performed using the natural spaces in the spine, in fully closed hernia surgery, muscle, bone and connective tissues are not damaged and bleeding does not occur, unlike classical surgery. Therefore, the problems that develop after herniated disc surgery are greatly reduced. Fully closed lumbar hernia surgery can be performed in 90 percent of hernias that require surgical application. Patients with no obvious calcification and no narrow canal are in the appropriate group for this surgery. This technique can be applied easily and safely in overweight patients and patients with poor general health conditions, for whom classical surgery is difficult.”

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