How to distinguish between coronavirus and flu symptoms? In the fall, the number increased…

There are serious similarities between the covid-19 virus, which has taken the whole world under its influence for about 8-9 months and caused a pandemic, and the flu. For this reason, most people do not understand what disease they are experiencing. Especially after the flu cases increased with autumn, citizens wondered whether there was a difference between the two viruses. So how do you distinguish between coronavirus and flu symptoms? Here is the detail of the news:

The World Health Organization reported that the cooling of the weather with the autumn months will cause an increase in the regression of coronavirus cases. That’s why he recommends that countries and citizens continue to take strict measures. Emphasizing the importance of masks, hygiene and social distance, the World Health Organization also drew attention to the increasing flu in this season. He underlined that many people confuse the effects of the flu and the covid-19 virus, which can cause more serious consequences. Before entering the risky periods, it is beneficial for the citizens to consult a specialist by taking precautions to distinguish whether it is the flu or the corona virus they are experiencing. It was reminded that Kovid-19 cases and Influenza viruses have distinctive features as well as similar features.

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The spread of the two diseases is dependent on respiration. The two viruses that spread rapidly through the air begin with similar symptoms. Symptoms that start with high fever, body pain, cough and post-nasal drip are followed by abdominal pain and diarrhea. However, according to the statements of the Scientific Committee in recent days, the onset of the disease does not start with the same symptom in every patient. So it reduces the time to distinguish and early intervention. In addition, since it spreads rapidly by air, the situations experienced at this point should be taken into account. During sneezing or coughing, people must take precautions with a napkin or mask between their elbows. Then, the virus should be destroyed by thoroughly disinfecting the hands.

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There is a difference in the time of emergence of these two viruses, which are almost identical, in the body. While the flu virus shows its effect rapidly in the body, the Kovid-19 virus waits for an average of 6 days in the incubation period. Then the body reveals its symptoms according to its immunity. That’s why the flu spreads faster and more rapidly than Kovid-19. It differentiates the severity effect according to the body immunity in the two viruses.


It is necessary to constantly take precautions without noticing Kovid-19 or Influenza viruses. Important rules for the covid-19 virus, which has an effect like pneumonia and results in death, are as important as mask, hygiene and social distance, as well as flu viruses. In addition, when a healthy diet and active life increase the body’s resistance, it allows it to pass with milder complications regardless of the disease. Since there is no vaccine or medicine like the flu, covid-19 can cause health functions that will lead to death. However, experts underline that influenza or pneumonia vaccines should be made, as they think that Kovid-19 may be effective even in 2021. Pneumonia vaccination is about to become mandatory in most Asian countries by 2020. It was reminded that the number of cases will increase if the necessary precautions and precautions are not taken for these virus cases, which increase in the winter months.

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