How to deal with the feeling of worthlessness, here’s what to do!

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Specialist Clinical Psychologist Müjde Yahşi gave important information about the subject. A sense of worthlessness and feeling valuable are important for many people. A person who feels worthless sees himself as insignificant in society or internally and believes that his existence has no value. However, in fact, “No one can make you feel worthless without your permission.” This is such a true statement that no matter what anyone says to you or what anyone does to you, if you do not have the belief that “I am worthless”, no one can make you feel worthless.

“She didn’t reply to my message, was she offended by me?”

“We met on the way, he looked at me but didn’t greet me, did he just ignore it?”

“She looks at me with type, what does she not like about me?”

“I invited him to tea, he didn’t accept, I wonder if he didn’t like me?”

Those inner voices that go on saying “I wonder” are actually the negative thoughts you have in your mind. Negative thoughts make you feel negative. Your negative thoughts and feelings affect your behavior and even your outlook on life negatively.

In fact, it’s all about how you believe yourself to be. So it’s about the belief that your own self-schema is “I’m worthless, I’m not lovable.” So start the treatment by changing that belief. This is the way; When negative thoughts come into your mind, it’s about sending them back. In other words, this treatment is possible if you think positively that your friend you met on the way does not greet you even though he looks at you, and he may not have seen it.

So what should we do?

We should think positively by looking at the full side of the glass, not the empty side of the glass, saying that he thought about me, instead of saying, “Why did he put me in the missing water?”

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