How to consume pine cone juice? The incredible benefits of pine cone yogurt…

Local people use the pine cone, which is frequently used in alternative medicine, with different methods. Pine cone, which is especially beneficial to the bronchi, is a powerful infecting agent. We have researched for you what is curious about the pine cones that most people use for decoration. Yogurt made from pine cones surprises those who hear it. Here are the incredible benefits of pinecone yogurt…

The plant reproduced by the Strobilus tree species is called a cone. It is often found in pine trees. Pine cones are a powerful medicine often consumed in alternative medicine. The juice obtained by boiling the green state is used both for cosmetics and for upper respiratory tract diseases. In addition, jam and honey are obtained from the cones. A new information was found about the pine cones that were turned into syrup. It is obtained in yoghurt from cones collected from pine trees. Milk is fermented with the juice of the pine cone, which is frequently consumed in cities such as Eskişehir and Bursa. Cone juice, which ferments very quickly, also reveals a useful natural medicine. Hatice quickly gave this information, which is unknown to anyone. Expressing that they ferment their yoghurt with this water, Çabuk reminded that it has many benefits. There is a high amount of calcium and protein in the water of boiled pine cones. In this way, it increases the calcium and protein ratio of yogurt.

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– By gargling, the infection in the teeth and gums is reduced.

– Viruses and bacteria in the throat tract make it effective.

– When water is applied to the skin as a tonic, it ensures the regeneration of cells.

– When consumed as tea, a spoonful of honey can be added to it. This tea refreshes digestion.

– Tea is also a powerful sedative. It reduces the risk of stress and depression.

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INCREDIBLE BENEFITS OF pinecone yoghurt…

Hatice Çabuk said that they kept the pine cones they collected from the mountain for a few days after boiling them. These cones are added to the previously made yogurt. He stated that after waiting for a while, they added the yoghurt, which was kept with cones, into the boiled milk as yeast. Thus, the yogurt ferments faster. This is how pinecone yogurt is made. This yogurt;

– Provides rapid and healthy bone and muscle development in children of developmental age.

– By balancing the stomach acid, it prevents the stomach wall from being damaged.

– Keeps full for a long time. It also provides the energy the body needs. Those who want to diet can consume.

– Strengthens nerve cells. Thus, it increases the perception speed of the brain.

– It supports the cleaning of the intestines from waste food and makes it work healthier.

– Increases immune resistance.

– Balances the body’s heat rate.

NOTE: Consult a specialist before consuming this food, which has alternative benefits.

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